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    A Journey To New Mexico With Jen And Josh

    In January 2013, I drove down to New Mexico to see family with Joshua. It all started out with wanting to see my mom and surprise my grandparents around Christmas. I had realized that the last time I had seen them was back in 2006 to see me off to the Air Force. My mom and I decided that we should surprise them by having me come down since she lives in New Mexico like them. My mom offered to buy my plane ticket but I thought a drive across country would be nice and Joshua decided to join me on my journey.

    We started out in Indianapolis, IN by Lucas Oil Stadium home of the Indianapolis Colts. Then headed through St Louis, IL where you can see the Gateway Arch. This arch is huge and you can journey to the top of it! That is something we would like to do next time we find ourselves in St Louis.

    After St Louis we were heading through Springfield, Missouri where they have the Fantastic Caverns. Another place we would have like to see if time wasn’t of the essence. Now even though it was winter time when we were driving through according to the Fantastic Cavern website it is a “warm 60 degrees year around”.

    Oklahoma City was the next major mark on the journey and home to the Gold Dome, which was built in 1958 and is a landmark on Route 66. Oklahoma City also has a botanical garden, science, and art museum along with a lot of other attractions.

    Amarillo, TX home of the Cadillac Ranch which is 10 vintage Cadillacs buried halfway up with their noses down. Graffiti is not a problem here so these cars are very colourful to say the least.

    Last stop Albuquerque, NM which is home to Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway. This means of transport carries you above deep canyons. This is a breath-taking experience over hostel terrain stretching a distance of 2.7 miles in length. An amazing journey we were sure of but no time to find out. The drive down to New Mexico from Indianapolis, IN totalled over twenty-four hours with two hours down time to rest our eyes.

    A different route was taking back to Indianapolis, IN. We hit Wichita, Kansas and Kansas City instead of Springfield and Oklahoma City. Which drive did I like the most? Not really sure they both had beautiful rolling hills that the sun shined bright over and lit up the sky. My suggesting is to always try a path not taking because that is how you experience something new.

    By Jen Free And Josh Schubert

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