Who Are the Irish? Find Out On A Tour Ancient Ireland Tour

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Who Are the Irish? Find Out On A Tour Ancient Ireland Tour

Lush green fields roll across an isle where ancient people call home, and if you've ever wondered who are the Irish - maybe it's time to answer that question. Our friends at Vagabond Small Group Tours has designed Driftwood Journeys of Discovery, a trip that offer's a mentally stimulating exploration of Ireland's east coast for imaginations that yearn to burrow into bogs, scale crenelated towers and shimmy up mountains for glimpses of Iron Age Celts sifted into Stone Age sands.

On this trip you'll pass through the Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin, then into the interior and back to the coast, where you'll see visions of Vikings landing longboats off the Irish Sea. There are also sign of Norman invaders from England flying flags, as well as medieval monks chanting. And, you'll discover mineral-mad 19th century industrialists digging into hillsides and ghosts of emigrants clutching destitute families. The artifacts they’ve left behind signal bloodshed one moment and repentance the next. More than any other region of Ireland, this coastline separated by mountains from inland valleys defines how over 5,000 some years the Irish came to be.

Rob Rankin, owner of Vagabond Tours, says “we’ve long known that the South East of Ireland is a hidden treasure, and this combined with customer demand for a tour that covered the area made us realize that we needed a new product for the region. We are confident that this tour will be on a par with the other award-winning itineraries Vagabond Tours offers.”

It's such a amazing journey, one on which you'll find that around every corner is a profundity of Celtic and Viking dispositions, medieval architecture. In New Ross, County Wexford that happens to be the ancestral home of John F. Kennedy, you may find yourself shedding a tear on The Dunbrody Famine Ship replica that reveals its harrowing tale of the Irish famine. From such ports embarked 2.5 million of the six million Irish people who emigrated to North America from 1848 - 1950, including Annie Moore, the first immigrant through Ellis Island who departed from Cobh. And, this was also the final port of call for the RMS Titanic.

While on your travels tour guides unravel the mysterious of the region, and go local to share cultural experiences that make the trip memorable. They also stir up a bit of laughter, and Irish tales, and what better places to do so that at the home of Irish whiskey, Jameson Distillery. Along the way, you can shop for hand-crafted collectibles at the Waterford Crystal Factory, Stephen Pearce Pottery and Ross Tapestries that tells the story of the Anglo Normans arriving in Ireland in 1169. From the beginning, the beauty of history of Ireland comes to life and creates a unforgettable journey for all!

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Photo Credits: Austin Adventures

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