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The Wild Berry Pie Apron By Shabby Apple Is A Adorable Gift For Cooks


The Wild Berry Pie Apron Is A Adorable Gift For CooksOur Sister-In-Law loves to cook. She bakes, she cans, and every year we can expect our favorite treats to be waiting for us during the holiday season. When thinking about what to get the cook in your life it can be difficult. We know because she has about every cooking utensil or machine known to man, and practically uses them all throughout the year.

We wanted to get her something special that would say we love you, and that she would enjoy using. When we found the vintage aprons collection we knew we'd found the perfect gift. What is more vintage than old fashioned, home cooked, pie? It also helps that our Sister-In-Law loves the classics, and the Wild Berry Pie Apron was perfect for her.

The Wild Berry Pie Apron design by Shabby Apple has tie-back waist and halter straps, and is just one of the seven vintage styles available that will be a favorite with every cook. The colorful fabric is soft, and machine washable in cold water, then just hang it to dry. Within a short time after giving our Sister-In-Law the apron she was humming to the radio while she created her inspired dishes.

One of her tasty treats are almonds covered in a sweet, cinnamon coat, and toasted to perfection. She has been know to cook up endless batches of cookies and toasted nuts for her friends and family over the holidays. Now, with her Wild Berry Pie Apron she can get creative in the kitchen without spilling anything on her dress, then slip off her apron and join the party!

The wonderful thing about products from Shabby Apple is that the company also gives back to women around the world. They have helped women throughout Asia and Africa, by converting dress sales into lifestyle changes for these  women and their children.

By Melody Schubert

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