Honoring Wyoming's Professional Rodeos, History, And Chris LeDoux

    Kaycee, Wyoming, located near the famed Hole-in-The-Wall hideout and safe passage area used by Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and their gang will honor a different legend; Chris LeDoux. No one more appropriately represented Wyoming’s western heritage rooted in ranching and rodeo than Chris LeDoux. He died over five years ago and a larger-than-life sized bronze dubbed “Good Ride Cowboy” has been unveiled in the Wyoming town LeDoux called home.

    Following a pro rodeo career that included a 1976 world championship in bareback riding, Chris LeDoux became one of the most anticipated music acts at rodeos across the American West for many years. His show skyrocketed in popularity after Garth Brooks mentioned LeDoux in one of Garth’s hits – “Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old” in the early 1990s. LeDoux fans will no doubt appear in droves to see the bronze created by Buffalo, Wyoming artist D. Michael Thomas.

    Want to see Team Wyoming without going to a rodeo? There is also a “Rodeo Road” DVD produced by Wyoming Travel and Tourism that can be obtained by contacting the state tourism office. Wyoming is the only state to endorse, sponsor, and support year-round the efforts of those who undertake the hard road to a world championship in professional rodeo.

    By Leroy Worley

    Getting There:

    Join Kaycee area events, visit attractions, and find recreation to experience by visiting www.kayceewyoming.org.