The Historic Old Faithful Inn and Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

    When it comes to amazing sites Old Faithful is on the top of the list. A visit to Yellowstone National Park is a refreshing getaway that frees the spirit from the trials of everyday life. Located in the park is on of the most historic of all America’s national park lodges, The Old Faithful Inn. Over a hundred years this lodge has welcome guests from around the world.

    Architect R.C. Reamer was just 29 when asked to go to Yellowstone and design a fitting structure for lodgers in the country’s first national park. When a park visitor first arrives there is often a curiosity attached as to why the structure doesn’t face its namesake – and Yellowstone’s lead attraction – Old Faithful Geyser. “It was merely a convenient placement to have a nice view of the entire Upper Geyser Basin,” reasons Leslie Quinn, an interpretive specialist for park concessionaire, Xanterra Parks and Resorts. Or it may be that the designer wanted those guests who pulled up to the inn by stagecoach to see the famous geyser in front of them when they pulled under the porte cochere carved from the enormous sloping roof.

    In less than a year a crew of fewer than 50 men took the landscape from bare ground to the Inn working through a harsh high country winter, six to seven days a week. It would not be unexpected to have to toil in temperatures well below zero so adaptations were necessary. For example, nail iron could easily shatter upon pounding. “Many of the nails were heated in the ovens and buckets full of hot nails would be brought up to the carpenters. When they could feel the nails getting cold they would ask for a new bucket,” Quinn says.

    The massive log work is a marvel to guests especially once they enter the lobby and gaze upward. “Looking at the outside of the building it really doesn’t register until you get inside and you see all that log work. People’s eyes just open up and it’s a lot like a little kid on Christmas morning,” notes Drew Williams, bellman at Old Faithful Inn. For many who visit the historic inn it is a trip back in time, and for those experiencing it for the first time it's a memorable trip they'll long remember!

    By Leroy Worley

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