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Culinary Adventures In Wisconsin’s Northwoods of Hayward and Cable

My first full day was a taste of Wisconsin culinary tour where I ate and drank amazing creations that were locally grown prepared and cooked in front of me. This was way better than the average day of fast food and frozen prepackaged food; this was fresh produce and chocolate. We started our culinary adventure at  Lynne Marie's Candies in Hayward County, where we experienced a culinary art that most kids are missing, but parents will love. You can step in and taste fudge that has been made with care and love on a huge slab of marble. Watch them make the super amazing peanut butter brittle dunked in chocolate, or for those who just like to be bit of a nut you can get it plain. The really cool thing for the whole family is this place carries all those weird candies that parents remember. They have the wax lips, the funny bottles with sweet liquid inside, bottle caps, and more; Lynne Marie's Candies is awesome.

My group enjoyed a taste of wine at the Hookstone Winery, where they have witty drink names as well as signs for sale. This winery feels comfortable and fun as you walk around reading signs that resemble those from your grandma's era, but with quotes from today. The drink names are amusing as well; with the surroundings of fishing and nature what better to name them than Muskie Merlot that has a hint of berry and vanilla. There's Smallmouth Sangria, Bluegill Blanc that is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, and they have a barrel aged red wine custom blended with all natural lemon, lime and orange juices. If you like wine and good people this would be the place to visit on your journeys to Hayward County, Wisconsin.

I had the pleasure of checking out Famous Dave's BBQ, where I actually met Famous Dave and learned how he started his restaurant. With determination and dedication, Dave tried to start a place that he could call his own, although, sadly you can't just call a place Dave's. So he tried for Dave's Famous BBQ, but the person printing the cards switched the name to Famous Dave's. So with tons of stuff printed out he thought he might as well keep the name and see how it goes.

After awhile of perfecting his skills and finding the right spices, he discovered a perfect combination and created his mix for the sauce. He used to steam his meats in various was that no one else did, then mixed together the ingredients he loved to create the perfect BBQ. This guy is defiantly dedicated to creating good food, and comes by his restaurant to make sure they prepare the food, and make the dishes like he would to give us the best experience.

Wisconsin’s Northwoods of Hayward and Cable have a rich history, which we explored at the Namakagon Historical Museum and Cable Natural History Museum. It was Anthony Judson Hayward, the founder of Hayward, who visited the area in the 1870's, and realized it would be a ideal location for a lumber mill. And, when visiting Hayward you can join the Lumberjack show at Fred Scheers, which is very entertaining for families.

Check back for more on my trip to Wisconsin’s Northwoods of Hayward and Cable when I share these attractions and more to experience on your trip!

By Josh Schubert

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