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Duluth Trading Company Open In Port Washington

Located at 100 North Franklin Street in Port Washington, Wisconsin, this is the Duluth Trading Company's second store.

The company is known for a tradition of offering ingenious workwear which solves problems for hardworking men and women.

The story began in Duluth in 1993, when two tradesmen invented the Bucket Boss to solve the problem of guys toting tools to the job site in all kinds of strange containers. They knew there had to be a better way for workers to carry their tools, and it is this kind of thinking that has been the inspiration for many of the products offered at the Duluth Trading Company.

Duluth Trading’s tough, functional workwear is designed and tested to endure and meet the demands of tradesmen and a hardcore team of Real Women testers. Whatever job you do, Duluth Trading can help outfit you in the right gear for the job.

Among their signature products are the Longtail T that offers a solution for “plumber’s butt”. Ballroom Jeans are designed with a crotch gusset for crouching without the ouch. Then, there's their legendary Fire Hose Workwear, which is developed at Duluth Trading’s headquarters in Belleville, Wisconsin.

By Melody Schubert

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