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    Discover Nature's Beauty Along The Trails With The Hiking Snohomish Guide

    Beautiful scenery and rolling country sides await in northwest Washington State, where we find many great hiking sites to enjoy a day out in Snohomish County. With the Hiking Snohomish Guide we can plan a few hours either taking a leisurely walk or pack the gear and head out for a hike. There are options for fun outdoor recreation and wilderness backpacking adventures highlighted as well in this guide.

    What we like most about the Hiking Snohomish Guide is the easy to read map of the diverse hiking trails located throughout Snohomish County. The twenty trails highlighted offer hiking at nearby beaches, beautiful alpine lakes, lush, old forests, and colorful wildflower meadows. Also within the guide are hiking routes along mountaintops, waterfalls, scenic rivers, as well as rich wildlife habitat and historic sites. As you can see there are a variety of destinations for a hiking trip with family and friends in Snohomish County, Washington.

    Snohomish County has a rich heritage and arts scene to explore when not hiking the trails. From arts and culture to music, dance and theater, you'll find something extraordinary waiting around the corner in Snohomish County. Stroll through the diverse mix of galleries or visit one of the nearby museums in the area. For those who love history there are many sites that highlight the areas Native American and maritime history.

    Pioneer's also made their mark on Snohomish County as did loggers, miners, and those who laid the railroads. And, Snohomish County has a rich farming and industrial history waiting to be discovered as well. You can walk down about any street in America and not realize the history of the place. Once you do though, you never see that street the same again. This is one of the joys of visiting historic sites like those found in Snohomish County.

    Getting There:

    From history to great performances that include concerts, and exhibits, you'll find a colorful selection of exciting things to do in Snohomish County. To learn more about the guides available and to plan your trip, call the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau at 425-348-5802 or visit their website at www.snohomish.org.