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    Dig Into Clam Season At Washington’s Kalaloch Lodge

    Of the delicacies we enjoy are clams; stuffed clams are on the top of the list. Fresh seafood is the best, and one of the places where you can dig up your own is on the Kalaloch beaches, located in Washington’s Olympic National Park. Winter is especially a good time time visit because it is time for clam digging. To make the most of your trip the Kalaloch Lodge has announced two “Clam Digger” lodging packages that includes one for the novice and one for the experienced.

    Kalaloch Lodge, which has some of the most enchanting coastal views and best access to pristine beaches in Washington’s Olympic National Park is offering the “Clam Digger” lodging package for three weekends, from Mid November through the end of December. The “Clam Digger” lodging package offers options for both beginners and experienced clammers. For experienced clam diggers bringing their own tools, the package includes one night of lodging and breakfast for two. For those new to the experience, the package includes one night of lodging, a bucket, shovel and net, and breakfast for two the next morning.

    The National Park Service has scheduled digs at Kalaloch Beach to coincide with those at other razor clam beaches within Washington State. These dig are held on the evening tide, with digging restricted to the hours between noon and midnight. The Kalaloch razor clam beach extends from the South Beach Campground to Brown’s Point. Located just south of Beach Trail 3, all within Olympic National Park.

    As with fishing there are guidelines for Harvesters, who are allowed to take no more than 15 razor clams and must keep the first 15 they dig, regardless of size or condition. Each digger’s clams must be kept in a separate container. A license is required for anyone age 15 or older. Any annual shellfish/seaweed license or combination fishing license for the current year is still valid. Harvesters have the option of a razor-clam only license available in annual or three-day only versions. Descriptions of the various options are available on the WDFW website at fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov. Licenses for clam digging may be purchased online, by telephone at (866) 246-9453, or in person at more than 600 license vendors throughout the state. A list of vendors can be found here.

    Clam diggers are advised to take flashlights or lanterns with them during evening digs, especially if clamming outside of the area immediately below Kalaloch Lodge, where there are no streetlights.

    “Kalaloch Beaches offer some of the best clam digging in the State, and we’re excited to offer our guests a great deal in order to take advantage of this exciting beach activity,” said Beth Showalter, director of sales and marketing, ARAMARK Olympic Peninsula. “Guests to Kalaloch Lodge this winter will be able to experience the popular coastal razor clam season, as well as all the other unique outdoor experiences in Olympic National Park.”

    Perched on a vista overlooking the rocky Washington coast, Kalaloch Lodge offers stunning panoramic views and seven unique beaches. These special packages are among the many offered year-round to allow guests to soak in the natural beauty of the Olympic National Park. When not out beach combing, fishing, hiking and exploring nature, the Kalaloch Lodge is a remote and peaceful, offering the perfect escape for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

    Getting There:

    For more information about Kalaloch Lodge’s current packages available visit www.visitkalaloch.com or call (866) 297-7367.