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    Dolphin Watching And More Attractions To Enjoy In Virginia Beach

    One adventure everyone should try once is taking a boat trip out to watch the Dolphins and Whales in Virginia Beach. This sea-lovers excursion is fun for the entire family, and is as educational as it is entertaining. The Dolphin Watching Boat Trip take off during the summer, and the Whale Watching Boat Trip set out in the winter. Each trip is an adventure, and unique opportunity to see these great sea creatures in the wild on a two hour boat tour. When you visit the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Web site at www.vbfun.com you can learn more about current Dolphin and Whale boating trip and other attractions to enjoy.

    Virginia Beach also has a rich history that is captured at the Old Coast Guard Station along the Virginia Beach Shore. Housed in a 1903 former U.S. Life Saving Station, the Old Coast Guard Station is a quaint, oceanfront museum that features rescue equipment used by turn-of-the-century surf men to save shipwrecked crews from a watery grave. We enjoyed learning the history of the men who risked their lives to save those shipwrecked off the Virginia Beach coast.

    From World War II to the present day, the Old Coast Guard Station has a remarkable collection of historic relics to explore. Don't forget to sneak a peek through TowerCam, which is a roof-mounted video camera that zooms in on passing ships dotting the Virginia Beach horizon. As you look through the TowerCam imagine yourself as one of the crewmen who viewed the coast as you do nearly 100 years ago. There is a small admission price, which helps support the museum that is well worth your time for the history and stories of the area seamen you discover.

    Right outside the Old Coast Guard Station are dramatic sculptures at the National Aviation Monument, which is pictured above. If you're visiting in the fall or winter it's a good idea to bring a jacket since the winds coming in from the Atlantic are often chilly. The cooler temperatures did not stop us from exploring this sculpture park that honors the men and women of the sea. And, if you visit the National Aviation Monument website at http://www.hrana.org/webcam.asp you can view yourself on the live video feed, which is a fun way to share your visit with loved ones back home.

    Virginia Beach is a coastal town with plenty of entertaining attractions and natural resources to enjoy, and these are just a few of the things you'll discover to do year round on your trip!

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    Visit the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau’s web site at www.vbfun.com to explore area attractions, current Dolphin and Whale boating trips, dining options and to plan your trip.