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    Chilling Legends Surface On The Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tours

    One of my favorite times of the year is Fall for its beautiful colors and fun seasonal events like local festivals, and of course, it is when the bewitching season comes to life. This is a wonderful time to explore America's Historic Triangle, and Williamsburg, where you can enjoy ghost stories, colonial legends and haunting tours sure to entertain educate and send chills up your spine.

    Here are some of thrilling Ghost Tours to consider on your trip:  Ghosts Amongst Us. This one-hour walking tour shares mystifying tales of the day in the candlelit homes. Some stories may be too intense for younger guests. Historian Carson Hudson discusses Colonial Virginians’ beliefs in the supernatural and the existence of witches throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries. On October 28, guests will learn how and why Virginians conducted several witchcraft inquiries.

    Cry Witch. Guests to participate in the re-created 1706 trial of Grace Sherwood, “the Virginia Witch.” Participants can question the witnesses, weigh the evidence and help decide whether the woman is guilty or innocent.

    Listen My Children: Legends, Myths and Fables for Families. This 45-minute gathering offers fun and interesting stories that the whole family will enjoy. Storytellers share their tales by firelight as young and old hear some of the same legends that entertained families of centuries past.

    Lantern Tours. Explore the shops and workplaces of Williamsburg’s most accomplished tradespeople by candlelight. Enter four shops and learn about the masters, journeymen and apprentices who formed Williamsburg’s “silent majority.” Guests will discover the technology of the trades that shaped Virginia’s economy.

    Tavern Ghost Walk. Let your imagination wander as your guide depicts dramatic tales of the ghosts that are said to still haunt modern Williamsburg’s taverns and sites.

    Crime and Punishment. Explore and compare real 18th-century justice to that of today. On this walking tour, you will get up close and personal with 18th-century legal punishments by going back in time and meeting three people from the past who may be ghosts or may be real. The experiences they share are from actual cases from the 18th-century Virginia courts.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    To check for current programs available at the Colonial Williamsburg Museum and other sites to enjoy visit the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation at www.history.org or call 1-800-HISTORY.