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    Celebrate The Harvest Season In Vermont

    In all seasons, Vermont is an iconic place to visit: winter brings exhilarating skiing and riding, spring features fresh, pure maple syrup, and summer offers Ben & Jerry's, swimming holes, hiking, and lazy afternoons. And, of course, autumn brings thousands to the state for foliage season.

    But there's more to Vermont in the fall than spectacular leaves. Fall is harvest season in this agricultural state renowned for its artisan food products. So, during your Vermont weekend getaway this autumn, and in between leaf peeping, hiking, and driving slowly to take in the view, consider exploring some of Vermont's harvest hot spots.

    When visiting Vermont there are a number of great farms and orchards that offer a taste of the state heritage and home town pride. Vermont is prime apple country, and you'll find everything from Cortland and Liberty, to Royal Red Delicious, and a stunning variety of heirloom varieties. Many orchards also offer fresh apple cider and irresistible cider donuts.

    In the past, State of Vermont has teamed up with local retailers to create a surprise for travelers visiting local farms; Vermont 'famous' wooden apples. If you happen to find one during your time in the orchards this fall, don't toss it aside, because it a special apple! And, it could offer a special surprise, so choose an orchard and get pickin'! Who knows what other exciting surprises you'll discover on your next trip to Vermont?

    While out and about enjoy the local charm of Vermont's small town's and be sure to visit one of the state's local wineries, where a glass of organic Vermont wine will ensure that you wrap up your day in style. Certain varieties of grapes thrive in Vermont's northern clime, and result in wines that go head-to-head with the best that Napa, Australia, Chile, France, and Italy offer. The state is home to several notable wineries that host wine tastings, and provide tours of the vineyard and wine making process.

    Shelburne Vineyard, located just south of Burlington has won multiple awards for their organically and sustainably grown Riesling, Cayuga, Vidal, and Vignoles wines. Sample the wines in a spectacular, state of the art 19th-century shingle styled tasting facility, tour the fields and processing area, and perhaps look into their organic grape-growing workshops and wine-making classes.

    Getting There:

    Whether you plan your visit in the summer, autumn, or winter, there are many exciting destinations to explore in Vermont by visiting www.travel-vermont.com.

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