Six Reasons To Visit Salt Lake City, Utah

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Six Reasons To Visit Salt Lake City, Utah

Our friend, Christopher Elliott, a Consumer advocate, and author of How To Be The World’s Smartest Traveler (And Save Time, Money and Hassle) has some great reasons to visit Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Natural History Museum of Utah

When visiting SLC you have to check out the Natural History Museum of Utah. Chris and his son discovered a vast collection of exhibits run by the University of Utah. Climb the museum's terraces, and it takes you from prehistory, featuring terrifying dinosaurs, to the earliest human settlers and Utah's first people. One of the most compelling parts they found was a globe that showed the continental drift and the forming of modern-day earth over a period of billions of years. “My oldest son and I were mesmerized by it. I want one of those for my living room.”

The Clark Planetarium

Chris also suggests a visit to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. This institution is dedicated to helping visitors discover and learn about space and science. “It helped my kids understand how volatile and changing our planet is, with interactive exhibits of meteorites, volcanoes and tornadoes,” said Chris. “Between the planetarium and the Natural History Museum, we came to understand how quickly the earth can shift, sometimes literally under your feet.”

Salt Lake City Is A Favorite Among Skiers

When it comes to Ski season, Salt Lake City is famous for its slopes. Among these are the legendary Park City, Deer Valley and Cottonwood Canyon's famous resorts, Alta and Solitude.

Spectacular Views Of Utah’s Natural Beauty

Head up to Snowbird for skiing, and take a ride on the Aerial Tram for a amazing view. And, when you return in the summer, the same cable car will lift you to the Hidden Peak Terminal at the top of the mountain, where you can hike on miles of paths and cool off from the summer heat.

Sample A Taste Of Salt Lake City

“Our favorite place for lunch was Caputo's Market & Deli, just a short walk from the planetarium, which features a vast selection of chocolate, cheese and fresh bread.” And, there’s plenty more great food to sample as They discovered. “Although our favorite baguettes had to come from nearby Fillings and Emulsions, known also for its incredible cheese cakes and colorful cookies.”

SLC Is A Clean And Friendly City

“Even though Salt Lake City has a more cosmopolitan vibe than ever, it's still true to its squeaky clean Mormon heritage,” Chris commented. “This is one of the friendliest, if not the friendliest, state capitals we've ever visited. The people we met along the way made us feel safe and welcome.”

Learn More About Chris

Check out his website for great advice, and read more on his book, How To Be The World’s Smartest Traveler (And Save Time, Money and Hassle), which is the instruction manual for your next trip, and shows you how to save time and money and prevent hassles.

Photo Credits: Christopher Elliott

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