Rock and Roll At Austin's RedGorilla Music Fest

    As a showcase for new talent, the RedGorilla Music Fest takes place during one of the most important music weeks in the year in Mid March. While this is the music industry's premier destination for the year, it will be the thousands of fans who descend upon Austin who will enjoy the festivities featuring about 150 bands and solo artists.

    As a result, RedGorilla Music Fest has received international media attention and a reputation for being the showcase for new music. Showcasing acts have included: Family Force 5 (Maverick), Dropping Daylight (Octone), Luna Halo (American), Bang Bang Bang (Warner Bros.), The Colour (EMI/Rethink), The Silent Years (No Alternative), Ligion (Maple Jam/ICON), Red Monroe (3 Concentric), The Muckrakers (Label X/Toucan Cove/Universal), FLOREZ, The Parlour Boys, Year Long Disaster, Radiant, Absent Star, The Hero Factor, The Gaskets and many more great acts.

    During the festival that promotes up-and-coming independent music in all genres and help independent artists further their careers, music lovers can hop from club to club on 6th Street, right in the heart of all the action in Austin, Texas. The event continues to be a “No Badge Required” event. It is free to attend and is open to the general public. Where else can you go and catch so many great musical artist's for free?

    By Nick Worley

    Getting There

    RedGorilla offers showcase slots to bands and solo artists so that they can take advantage of this excellent opportunity. To learn more about RedGorilla Music Fest visit call (615) 251-4920.