Discover Beaumont's Boomtown History and Cajun Roots

    Texas was known for cattle, crops, and lumber until in 1901 Beaumont, Texas changed the course of history. It was at this time when the oil deep within the earth surfaced, with a bit of help of course, and this event set in motion the Petroleum Age.

    Before this big event oil was a resource for Native Americans and the Spanish, who used the oil for caulking their ships. In the mid 1800's and later there were many unsuccessful attempts to drill for oil. Not until the gusher at Spindletop in 1901 was such a history changing event recorded. Now you can step back and discover the beginning of Petroleum Age at the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum. This unique museum is home to a reconstructed boomtown complete with artifacts, oil derricks, and shops.

    Beaumont's got more than oil. In fact it's got a lot of what the Cajuns call Lagniappe; a little something extra! Mix in a touch of Cajun and hometown Texas hospitality and you have Beaumont. This Texas town offers travelers a memorable taste of the southwest traditions and spirit. And, when it comes to food there's plenty of spice and salsa to go around.

    Did You Know? - TEXJOY Seasoning are made in Beaumont. Visit just about any restaurant and you'll find TexJoy products are an essential part of recipes in Southeast Texas. From Cajun influences to their infamous Tex Mex flavor that blends Texas flavor with traditional Mexican entrees that sizzle; you'll savor every bit of Beaumont's cuisine.

    Among the mouth-watering dishes Beaumont offers Seafood Gumbo made with thick roux and day-fresh shrimp and crab from the Gulf of Mexico, Chili Con Queso that is great with a basket of freshly made tortilla chips and a gigantic margarita. Sample Beaumont's legendary pork sandwiches made with homemade barbeque sauce and all the fix ins you need with a glass of sweet tea to start. Or try the delicious smoked BBQ Brisket and ribs, which are so tender that they fall off the bone!

    After enjoy a great meal, head on out for a Boot Scootin’ Boogie night at the Crockett Street Dixie Dance Hall. The Crockett Street Entertainment District has a variety of entertainment options for a hot night out. Among the favorites are Antone’s, Black Cat Lounge, Bobbie McGee’s, or the Texas Star Bar & Grill all located within this historic downtown district.

    On your visit to Beaumont you'll discover a taste of the spicy side of Texas, and many amazing destinations to explore!

    By Leroy Worley

    Getting There

    This is a sampling of what awaits in Beaumont, Texas. Learn more about the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, where a gusher really blows by visiting

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