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    Laughter At The International Storytelling Center

    Laughter At The International Storytelling Center

    Each year in Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee folks gather for the National Storytelling Festival to Listen, Laugh, and Learn. Jonesborough is also home to the International Storytelling Center, and has many tales to tell as we learned from our new friend, Linda Poland of Positive Solutions Tours.

    It was a perfect day to stroll through town and hear Linda tell stories about the history and lore of Jonesborough. She was not the only one who had exciting stories to share; Jackson Gillman, the Stand-up Chameleon, made us laugh until our sides hurt during his appearance at the International Storytelling Center.

    Gillman, who offers the "Springboards for Stories" workshops in Vermont is one of the Tellers-In-Residence performing at ISC this season. Slipping on a different persona or outfit to bring to life his eclectic blend of characters during his performances has earned Jackson the title of Stand-up Chameleon. We loved the anticipation of what antics Jackson would pull next as he brought his engaging and humorous stories to life before our eyes!

    Jonesborough is a charming town filled with artists who share their own tales through their creations. Stroll the streets and you’ll find a collection of shops to browse, hometown cooking at local restaurants, and friendly folks willing to share a moment of their time. Drop in for the day to shop, dine, and visit the International Storytelling Center or join one of the annual festivals and soon you’ll find yourself making new friends, and returning home with your own tales to tell.

    With great choices for dining and accommodations, entertainment and attractions the entire family will enjoy, including high speed thrills at Bristol Speedway nearby, and the endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, a getaway in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee offers a lush landscape to explore anytime of the year!

    By Leroy Worley

    Getting There:

    To discover more about the International Storytelling Center, and upcoming events and attractions, as well as plan your visit to Historic Jonesborough visit http://www.historicjonesborough.com.

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