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    Enjoy Oak Ridge's Great Outdoors and Recreation That Includes Mountain Biking, Rowing, and More

    Enjoy Oak Ridge's Great Outdoors and Recreation

    Start your trip in Hay Ridge that offers beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, great jogging trails, 4 miles of shoreline for canoeing, horseback riding, and is ideal for Nordic skiers. Hay Ridge Park is also a favorite for mountain bikers, who'll discover over 18 miles of moderate to technical trails. Challenge yourself endurance on steep, technical climbs, or test your nerves on descents with gradients in excess of 70 percent.

    Nearby Melton Hill is a national favorite for rowing, and in the spring thousands of high school and collegiate rowers converge on the city to train for the upcoming season. “The water on Melton Hill is perfect,” Marty Aiken, coach of the Swiss National Rowing team. What makes Melton Hill Lake so popular is its 2,000 meter rowing courses that will see plenty of action in April and May when the Oak Ridge Rowing Association plays host to several rowing events, and this included one of the largest rowing regattas in the Southeast.

    Looking for the perfect place to go fishing, camping, or boating this season? Head to Norris Lake that extends 56 miles up the Powell River and 72 miles up the Clinch River. With 34,000 acres and 800 miles of shoreline, you're certain to find the perfect secluded cove to cast your line in. And, when not hanging by the lake you can find more to do at the marina. Plus, there are several restaurants, and unique shops in the area to explore as well as fun events scheduled throughout the year.

    While enjoying the great outdoors in Tennessee be sure to make a stop at the Oak Ridge Reservation, which has provided over 50 years of long-term habitat conservation for many bird species. Be sure to bring along your camera because many of the 200 species of birds protected are rare, and you could capture over 100 plus species of birds nesting. For travelers and Birders alike, the diverse bird population in Oak Ridge and throughout the year at the 250-acre University of Tennessee Arboretum, the Gallaher Bend Greenway, North Boundary Greenway create amazing viewing moments to cherish. We hope through continued conservation efforts that these birds will continue to call the area home for future generations to enjoy as well!

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    To learn more about destinations to explore and events visit the Oak Ridge Convention and Visitors Bureau at www.oakridgevisitor.com

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