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Visit Oklahoma's State Parks And Ranches To Enjoy Recreation and Culture

Oklahoma has more diverse terrain per square mile than any other state. From forests to sand dunes to rolling prairies to cypress swamps we discovered many exceptional adventures to enjoy.

Get outdoors and explore Oklahoma's 51 state parks and numerous wildlife refuges and recreation areas that offer up a wealth of outdoor adventure. With 12 distinct ecosystems, landscapes range from mesas and sand dunes in the Southwest to wetlands and waterfalls in the Southeast, then there are the mountains and unexplored wilderness and prairies in between.

If you travel to the middle of the Oklahoma Panhandle you'll find a family farm that diversified its income to include prime grounds for hunting enthusiasts to catch Oklahoma wildlife. The most discerning hunters enjoy rustic Pheasant Ridge Hunting where they set their sites on pheasant, deer and quail during the summer months. But this isn't your typical hunting lodge.

During fall and winter it becomes a bed and breakfast-type facility to sustain itself during the off-season. The great attention to detail is apparent throughout your experience at Pheasant Ridge. The business partners and owners had the vision to convert a dairy barn into a hunting lodge with all the modern amenities. This 100+ year old farm has been given a new life through a thriving business plan.

There are also many ranches offering recreation and activities to enjoy like the Tiger Mountain Ranch Resort that has brought a new twist to the average ranch stay. Located in Henryetta, Oklahoma, Tiger Mountain is widely known for outstanding equine and rich cowboy culture, while preserving that tradition and heritage. Visitors enjoy the beauty of the lodge and ranch estate along with a family-friendly atmosphere. But this Oklahoma jewel is also turning heads abroad ' ranking No. 1 for dude ranches in Germany and in the Top Five in England. Even with the accolades, owner Sharon Glidden continues to enhance every guest's experience by adding new accommodations and activities on her ranch. Come see how this savvy business woman captures European tourists year after year.

While visiting Oklahoma you can also explore the state's rich Native American history. It was once known as Indian Territory, and is still home to more American Indians than any other state; 39 tribal headquarters and members of at least 67 tribes make their home within its borders. Oklahoma is a place where time-honored traditions, cultural experiences and artistic expressions are components of everyday life.

Among the treasures you'll find are Native American art galleries, historic sites, powwows, dances and festivals, including the largest Native American festival in the world; the Red Earth Festival, which is held every June in Oklahoma City. And, the first-ever art school program for American Indians was begun in 1926 at the University of Oklahoma. Its first students became internationally famous as 'The Kiowa Five.' The Jacobson House Art Center in Norman was the home of Oscar Jacobson, mentor of the Kiowa Five.

By Melody Schubert

Getting There:

Oklahoma offers an exceptional journey for travelers that is filled with everything you'd expect and so much more. To learn more about traveling in Oklahoma, visit or call toll-free 800-652-6552 to speak to a travel counselor.