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    Memorable Moments At Cincinnati Music Festival

    It's the weekend of the Cincinnati Music Festival, which started by checking into my hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio, which is just north of Cincinnati. I loved the area and the hotel was very nice with a really awesome staff of employees. Cincinnati hotels were sold out for the 2015 Cincinnati Music Festival, but my stay in Blue Ash was great, as was my visit to the city of Cincinnati. Both areas truly have a lot to offer to all visitors that come to this great City and surrounding suburbs. When I was not at the Music Festival, it was very refreshing to meet so many friendly people around town, and at the restaurants where we dined.

    I was super excited about going to the concerts both Friday and Saturday nights, and I thought about what are some key factors to a really great outside concert; good weather is one important factor! And believe me; I think we all were relieved when the weather held out for the festival! It was sunny with mild temperatures and amazingly, after weeks of storms and flooding, there was no rain. In the evenings there were silky beautiful skies at night that created a nice ambiance for a really great R&B weekend!

    With such great weather and a great R&B performing artist line-up, I had a blast! Everyone at the Music Festival was so friendly and kind. The Event Staff, Security and the Cincinnati Police were amazing with their helpfulness and professionalism as they guided music fans into the venue, and around town.

    Once the music started everyone headed for their seats excited and full of energy. “Luke James” came on first with a soothing melody, and then slowly moved into some great Rhythm and Blue vocals. He was really good as he could reach the highs and the lows in his voice ranges that were outstanding to say the least. This was the first time I had the privilege to see him on stage and I was not disappointed. Loved the shorts too!

    Then “Joe” who was just “hot” in his white and black attire. He wooed the ladies with his electrifying hot moves and great songs, and had them waving their hands in the air! The song “I Want to Know” was off the hook; women up and dancing in their seats! Made me smile!

    You Go O’Jays… who is an absolutely amazing old school band, and man, were they jamming! I think they actually took the show from the entire list of artists over the course of both evenings, for me I think KEM was close, but the O’Jays sang many of their hit songs, and since I am old school, I really liked; “I love Music” which was so, so, so great... I just love how a song can take you back to great memories, and make you smile. Then the song “They Smile in your Face, the Back Stabbers” had everyone singing along, and you could tell there were a lot of old school fans up in the stands because they sang every word.

    And “Love Train” was the absolute best, it had me up and dancing in the aisles even though I'm not a great dancer, but it was so cool to hear them sing after so many years, I absolutely loved it! Then to top it off they sang “She Used To Be My Girl” and sang it like it was yesterday. WOW, they were so awesome! And the best was that I got to actually meet Eddie Levert, and that just made my weekend! And for me; I meet many famous people in my career, but he was as awesome as he was so nice and fun to talk to. It was totally cool!!!

    Then came strutting out to the stage in her short white outfit was Chicago’s fans “Jennifer Hudson” who was looking pretty hot. She got it going on and had her fans up and dancing in their seats, and believe me there were a lot of her fans attending here at Paul Brown Stadium Friday night. Her fans were cool to watch as she had them up and doing the hand wave while they were singing along; and that says a lot - without words - to a performing artist.

    One thing for sure, her fans love her, and I can see why as she has a fantastic voice with so much passion. It is amazing to watch people; many people, connect so much to so many songs and I mean I saw this connection throughout the entire R&B weekend with all the different preforming artist. And when Jennifer sang her closing song from the movie “Dream Girls" I’m telling you" her fans loved it, and I must say it was really an outstanding performance.

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    By Judy Worley

    Getting There:

    For more information about the Cincinnati Music Festival Presented by P&G, please visit: http://www.cincymusicfestival.com

    Tickets are available on: http://www.ticketmaster.com.

    Photo Credits: Judy Worley