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    Summer Heats Up At The Cincinnati Music Festival

    Get ready for some great R&B at this year’s Cincinnati Music Festival presented by Proctor & Gamble (P&G), the Santangelo Group and Ohio Valley Entertainment (OVE), July 24th & 25th at
    Paul Brown Stadium in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Over these past 50 years, stretching all the way back to 1962 this super-fun and exciting two-day festival has attracted more than 50,000 people from across the country with some hot, and I do mean HOT top preforming artist in the entertainment world of R&B, Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop.

    Some of the past performing artists have been many. Some have passed away leaving a mark in our hearts and some we still embrace seeing them sing their music with undeniable voices to reach us in ways only their amazing voices can and still do.

    Some entertainers have included the great Stevie Wonder who has been a part of all of us with his amazing lyrics and his one of a kind voice. This festival has been also had the outstanding voice of Mary J Blige, the hot, hot performer Robin Thicke, (who was a blast to watch), the fabulous & beautiful voice of Aretha Franklin, the awesome and power voice of Patti Labelle, the entertaining group New Edition, the awesome voices of Earth Wind and Fire, and my favorite that I have heard called “the quiet storm” “KEM” who has brought the gospel to life and a calm to the soul. LOVE IT!

    Then we have those who have passed away and we will never forget with their soothing soulful voices and those who could dance like no one else. Luther Vandross and artist Gerald Levert had amazing voices with astonishing lyrics and are missed by many, and then there was the one and only dancing machine that was known as “James Brown” who will never be forgotten with his dance moves and jazzy fun music. Then there was the talented Duke Ellington and Miles Davis who are two artist that could soothe a soul and relax ones spirit.

    Then there was the one with the beautiful voice with the name “Whitney Houston”. Whitney’s song “I will always love you” was originally a Dolly Parton song, and when I hear it I am sadden for those I have loved and lost. She took that song to another level and made it beautiful with her unbelievable voice. For me, she is one that will truly never be forgotten.

    Wow, what an amazing history of performing artist in the entertainment world of R&B, Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop that this festival has seen. And you already know it; 2015 will be a continuation of amazing performing artist who will be entertaining at this year’s festival that the great city of Cincinnati brings to its fan each and every Maxwell.

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    By Judy Worley

    Getting There:

    For more information about the Cincinnati Music Festival Presented by P&G, please visit: http://www.cincymusicfestival.com

    Tickets are still available on: http://www.ticketmaster.com.

    Photo Credits: Judy Worley