Explore North Dakota's Attractions and Cultural Treasures

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Explore North Dakota's Attractions and Cultural Treasures

Explore your Scandinavian heritage at North America’s largest Scandinavian Festival, which draws more than 55,000 people over its five-day run at the State Fair Center in Minot, North Dakota. The Scandinavian Festival features daily entertainment on the big stage, and FREE entertainment scattered throughout the grounds. Find handmade Scandinavian gifts and items at the many booths on-site between enjoying the entertainment or try a taste of Scandinavian foods from various vendors.

Cowboys may rules the Old West, yet in North Dakota dinosaur made their path along this diverse landscape as we discovered at the Dakota Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson. Children will be amazed by 10 full-scale dinosaurs and programs. We discovered a complete rhinoceros and bison fossils, fossil plants, mammals and reptiles at the unique museum. There is also an amazing collection of seashells, fluorescent minerals, and rare rocks and minerals found throughout the world. A favorite on our visit was participating in the seasonal dig for real dinosaur bones offered in multiple areas across the state.

North Dakota has a rich American Indian heritage and culture. Today, descendants of the tribes which once greeted Lewis and Clark 200 years ago greet visitors and share their hospitality. You'll discover many unique museums with amazing collections of ancient Native American artifacts, and host who interpret their history with their own words. North Dakota is also known for the stunning Powwows where American Indian gather to dance, sing and visit. One of the biggest Powwows is the annual United Tribes International Powwow in Bismarck, N.D., which draws some 1,500 dancers and 20,000 spectators.

On-A-Slant Indian Village, which was one of the traditional Mandan villages, and is located at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park near the confluence of the Missouri and Heart rivers south of Mandan. The journals of the Corps of Discovery report that the ruins of the then-abandoned Mandan village were still visible in October 1804 when they set camp across the Missouri River. Guests will discover reconstructed earthlodges, an interpretive center and campground facilities to enjoy at this historic site. Nearby, Fort Mandan, which was the winter headquarters for the Corps of Discovery, has also been reconstructed fort near Washburn, North Dakota, and depicts life much like it was 200 years ago.

Travel to North Dakota’s largest city and you'll find a revitalized downtown known as one of the country’s unexpected “hip” cities. While looking for a bite to eat we found over 80 eateries, ranging from casual fair to fine dining located in historic downtown Fargo, plus the historic Hotel Donaldson and the Fargo Theater. Fargo is also home to the annual Fargo Blues Festival, featuring 12 world-class bands, great food and camping at Newman Outdoor Field, within walking distance to downtown Fargo. Touted as the biggest backyard barbeque around, the annual Ribfest held in Fargo, North Dakota, draws more than 30,000 people for lip-smacking good ribs.

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To explore attractions, events. entertainment, recreation, and more to experience in Fargo, North Dakota visit the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau at http://www.fargomoorhead.org/ or call 1-800-235-7654.

By Melody Schubert