Romantic Getaways In Lovelock, Nevada

With rolling meadows spread out around it, Lovelock is a beautiful place to stop on your visit to Nevada. And, if you're looking for a special surprise for a loved one, or celebrating a anniversary or birthday, there's no better place than here to do it. In Lovelock, Nevada you can literally lock your love on a chain, and share your romantic story.

It is said that Love is eternal. To prove this Lovelock, Nevada has created a unique way for lovers to express their love - locking their love - literally. It's a Chinese tradition of symbolically locking one’s love by fastening a lock on a chain, which began high in the Yellow Mountains, where miles of lock-laden chains snake through the landscape. Lovelock, which has a Chinese history dating back to its turn-of-the-century mining and railroad heyday, embraced the concept to give you a new reason to stop.

“Lovelock is a unique town with an ingenious idea to capitalize on its name,” Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, NCOT chair, said. “Engraving a heart-shaped lock and adding it to the chain is a fun way to say, ‘I was here,’ and symbolically declare one’s love. Someday we hope to see locks throughout the town as travelers continue to add their own sign of love to the chains.”

You can say that Lovelock is the gateway to the regions recreation because nearby is Lovelock Caves, just about 20 miles to the South. There is also Unionville, a historic mining town, where it is said Mark Twain bought a mine in the 1860's. For fishing, boating and camping visit the Rye Patch Reservoir that is located along the Humboldt River, and is where ancient tribes also camped along the waters over 8,000 years ago.

While in Lovelock one of the interesting historical sites to visit is the Marzen House, which was built in 1874. Here, you can explore the town's mining history from the boom days, Native American artifacts and items belonging to former Lovelock resident Edna Purviance, who appeared in many early movies with Charlie Chaplin.

“Who would expect to discover such a unique, international attraction in the wide open spaces of Nevada?” Bommarito said. “Locking your love is a beautiful sentiment, and we hope it will entice travelers to leave a lasting symbol at Lovers Lock, and then stay and see what else this picturesque high desert town has to offer.” Lovelock’s other attractions include its unusual round courthouse, built in 1919, still used, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When visiting Lovelock, you'll find several stores that sell locks, then visit Lovers Lock, situated in a park behind the historic round Pershing County Courthouse to place your lock. This is an especially romantic idea for couples on a special occasion celebrating your union or Valentine's Day. Afterwards, snap some photos, and share your expereince and story via their website.

By Melody Schubert

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