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Once part of Mexico, Nevada would later become part of the Utah Territory in 1850, and it was in October of 1864 when it became the 36th state. Today, the state is known for it’s endless recreation that includes exceptional skiing in the mountains, as well as rafting, camping and golf. Oh, yes, and there’s also Las Vegas, which is like a world of owns in the heart of the desert with plenty of entertainment to enjoy. Not far away is Lovelock, where love unites, and there are many historic and old ghost town’s to explore throughout the state. Whether enjoying the endless recreation, gaming in Vegas, or visiting the historic sites and ghost towns, there’s plenty to enjoy on your trip to Nevada!

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    Did You Know?

    Did You Know? - Gold Point is a thriving Ghost town that's been restored.

    Once a silver mining camp, Gold Point, Nevada is a thriving little Ghost town thanks to the residents restoring it.