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Discover The History Of Mickey, And His Creator At Marceline's Walt Disney Museum

Missouri has a diverse film history, which includes movies about Jesse James, and a lovable mouse named, Mickey. For many, the first introduction to Mickey Mouse was on a Sunday evening when Walt Disney presented his family films like Mary Poppins. Walt's story to bring Mary Poppins to life on the silver screen is the focus of the movie, “Saving Mr. Banks” in theaters, which stars, Tom Hanks.

Walt Disney was just a boy from Missouri with a sketch of Mickey, and you can explore the history of his childhood, and Mickey at the Walt Disney's Hometown Museum, located at 120 E. Santa Fe St. in Marceline, Missouri. This Museum presents a wonderful collection of rare Disney items, and reveals the history behind Walt's life in Marceline. The interpretive exhibits focusing on the Disney family are a delight for those who adore Mickey Mouse, and Walt's other memorable characters.

Tour the town, and you'll find Dreaming Tree and Walt's Happy Place at the old family farm. Visit Ripley Park, where you'll find a lake at the Walt Disney Park Complex, which is an ideal place for a picnic.

As you stroll through charming Downtown Marceline you can imagine Walt walking down the street, which would later become the inspiration for Main Street USA at the Disney theme parks. Located in North Central Missouri just 3 miles south of US36, and halfway between St. Joseph and Hannibal, Marceline remained a fond memory of his childhood when he moved on to work and live in Kansas City, then later onto California, and forever in our hearts.

By Melody Schubert

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