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    For A Wild Adventure Join The Jackson Zoo's Slumber Safari

    The Jackson Zoo's humble beginning's started in 1919 with just a few animals, and as it grew a bit bigger it was moved to Livingston Park in 1921, where it now sits on 110 acres of land. Since then families have enjoyed visiting the animals, and learning more about the habitat's and danger's they face in the wild. Each year, the Jackson Zoo host special program's for families and groups, and one of these is a Slumber Safari as well as a Zoo Brew in April.

    The Zoo has about 400 animals of which many are Endangered Species, which include Sumatran Tiger, Chimpanzee and Orangutans, the Gopher Tortoise, Pygmy Hippo, Emperor Tamarin, Malayan Tapir, Cotton Top Tamarin, as well as the Brown-Headed Spider Monkey, Lion Tailed Macaque, and the Amur Leopard. Imagine you and your friends staying over night for a Slumber Safari that let's you experience the sights and sounds of the nocturnal animals.

    On your adventure you'll enjoy animal presentations, games and activities, a look behind the scenes with a keeper, and animal tales around a camp fire. Animal lover's of every age will find the Slumber Safari offer a memorable experience. It's also a wonderful way to personalize and gain a greater appreciation of the Jackson Zoo's efforts to bring awareness to the loss of animal's and their habitats in the wild. Groups from schools, the scouts, church groups, and any group can get in on the fun and experience wild and amazing overnight stay at the Jackson Zoo!

    In Early April, the Jackson Zoo present's its annual Zoo Brew event in the evening, which will include of 50 craft
    beers and free food samples. Enjoy a cold brew along with entertainment, and watch participants compete in wing eating contest, or, join in the contest yourself. This is just one of engaging and fun event's held at the Jackson

    Of course, in the day time there are plenty of animals to see like the endangered Amur Leopard, and Tiger's, and my favorite is the adorable Red Panda's. The Jackson Zoo also host activates throughout the day so you can see and learn more about the animals in the zoo. Whenever you visit the Jackson Zoo you'll find each visit is unique because the animals are unpredictable and entertaining!

    By Melody Schubert

    Learn More About The Jackson Zoo

    If you're interested in the Jackson Zoo's Slumber Safari gather a groups of 15 participants, which is the minimum
    group amount. The fee is currently $30 per person, with a $100 deposit is due 2 weeks before program date. The
    Jackson Zoo's Slumber Safari are available Monday-Saturday nights, and must be booked at least 1 month in advance.

    For further details on the Slumber Parties call 601-352-2580, ext 240 or visit http://jacksonzoo.org/education/slumbersafari/.

    Or, go to http://jacksonzoo.org/  for zoo hours and activities to enjoy on your trip.