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    Activities To Explore While Out And About In Traverse City

    Set sail without the need for gas - just step aboard what resembles a surfboard with a sail and your off - sailing across Lake Michigan. Watching these dare devils is amazing. While I am not a surfer, I can imagine what it must be like to set sail on a board and let the wind carry you off along the shore. Some Kite Surfers are daring enough to jump out of the water and they reach such amazing heights that they resemble skateboarders cresting the hill of a steep ramp.

    If Kite Surfing is not your style there's still plenty of thrills to keep your blood pumping. You can go kayaking downriver or across open water, string your line and cast your fly-fishing rod into the water, or hit the slopes in winter. The possibilities are almost endless in Traverse City.

    If you enjoy a historic trip back in time then visit the Old Mission Peninsula. This narrow ridge of land, 22 miles long and only a mile wide, but it contains some of the most beautiful scenery in the Great Lakes. As a convenient half-day trip, the Old Mission Peninsula is known to locals simply as “The Peninsula,” and is a place with a rich history that includes missionaries, lighthouse-keepers, farmers and innkeepers – and even some famous ghosts.

    My wife enjoys the mix of beautiful lakeshore homes mixed in with quaint farms, lush orchards and award-winning wineries. Located at its tip is the 1870 Old Mission Lighthouse and the fascinating village of Old Mission, a new England-style harbor town founded in 1839 at the request of the local Odawa Indians. It is here the you sense the historic tales yet to be told in the area as you tour the area.

    Be sure to bring along your camera because Traverse City is America's Cherry Capital. It celebrates that heritage every year during the first week of July with an eight-day party featuring over 150 family activities. This event includes air shows, fireworks, and parades that include the nation's largest all-children parade. There are games, races, midway rides, demonstrations, nightly outdoor concerts and lots of chances to taste delicious cherry products.

    The Cherry Festival is Traverse City's signature event, drawing as many as 500,000 attendees from around the country. What we enjoy about attending the Cherry Festival is that everything is located conveniently within walking distance, so you can enjoy all the festivities with your family and friends. Isn't this what a memorable vacation is all about; enjoying time spent with family and friends? And, the best part is that almost all the events are free or offered at affordable prices that won't break your vacation budget.

    By Leroy Worley

    Getting There:

    Traverse City also host many other festive, and there are plenty of outdoor recreation options. To learn about all the options and affordable packages available visit