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    REO Speedwagon Rock's At The Four Winds Casino In New Buffalo, Michigan

    REO Speedwagon rocked in the New Year at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan. Listening to legendary rock band's like REO Speedwagon bring back great memories from the 70’s and 80’s. And, the Silver Creek Event Center looked great and is truly a perfect place to see a concert. Those in the back had a fantastic view; and it seemed to have a great view anywhere you sat; even from the back the drum set beamed a beautiful blue, and you could read the letters on them. I mean, wow, that is great seating!

    As the fan started coming in, the event security staff was very good and professional. Throughout the concert the staff members made the fans feel safe as they were in tune with the people as they walked and watched everyone, ensuring everyone’s safety, and ensuring their comfort as the fans rocked-on listening to the awesome sounds of their REO Speedwagon!

    When the lights dimmed and the band ignited, it was like a blast from the past and when they played their hit song “Take It On The Run”, they took the entire show on the run with great music the entire night. This song got everyone fired up as they started singing along, which was cool! Lead singer Cronin stopped just to hear them sing along with him and the audience didn’t disappoint as they sang together in harmony with him.

    Cronin was totally on it throughout the entire concert with what inspired their songs and how they came to be. That was awesome making all the songs roll smoothly throughout the entire night. His ways of expressing their songs were like when he said “when you think about it, things always change, so look at change in the eye, and “Keep Pushin”, on”. What a great expression of words! “Keep Pushin” was one of their many outstanding hits and is one of those songs that when you were feeling down and thought you couldn’t keep going, you played your REO Speedwagon and you just kept pushin on!

    As the songs kept rolling, so did how they came to be as Cronin went on with a bit of his past, telling his fans “If he never met someone and fell in love, he would have never had a broken heart”, and oh how true that is for many of us. So with Cronin having that broken heart, another big hit was born with the song “Can't Fight this Feeling”. This song made you think back to those days of the broken heart. It seemed to be able to reach into you and bring you back to memories long gone.

    The band then played an instrumental guitar solo in tribute to Gary Richrath. Richrath was the lead guitar & vocals from 1970 to1989 and sadly died in 2015. Richrath is the one who wrote a lot of REO Speedwagon’s songs & as Cronin says “he is our guardian angel”. Cronin went on to say that Richrath kept them going and had once told them all to remember to “Keep Rockin & Stick with the Golden Country”! Wow, what a strong statement as the audience seemed to love that awesome song “Golden Country” which was truly an epic song. When he sang the verse “we must make a stand” the crowd went wild and they ALL stood up with their hands in the air, singing along, actually louder than the band as if they were making their own stand for our country! That was truly humbling to hear and to see, Wow! The next song they sang was “Time for Me to Fly” which kept the crowds up dancing in their seats flying right along with them. It was just like it was back in the 70’s and 80’s! To the REO fans, those were some great days of great concerts & good ole Rock-n- Roll!

    The band then took a few minutes and paused to let their fans know that bringing in the New Year “2016” was the year that REO Speedwagon was very excited about, and their excitement will be great for their fans as they are going to do what one of their top hit song says; get “Back on the Road Again” starting the New Year playing at the Four Winds Casino. REO Speedwagon shared with their fans that they are truly excited with their new adventure of going back out on the road as they are going to be rockin & a rollin all the way through the year!

    Cronin then stopped and looked around at the fans, and gave another catchy phrase letting them undoubtedly know, if you're tired of the same old story, then you need to turn some pages and “Roll With The Changes” which was another REO song that became a #1 hit on the charts. After playing “Roll With The Changes” they left the stage and when they came back out they sang the song that Cronin told the songs story of how it came to be. He told his fans that one night he was lying under a lucky star, and he kept thinking three cords over and over, then at 3 o’clock in the morning he jumped up and wrote the song that truly made a difference in the bands career! “Keep On Loving You” was born and was an outstanding classic that the fans loved and changed REO’s path to more #1 hits on the charts for years to come.

    Of course they saved the best for last and as soon as you heard the first cord, you knew you were getting ready to hear one of the fans favorites and most loved songs “Riding The Storm Out”! WOW, what a great song! This song had everyone standing, as it was one of those songs when you heard it, you loved it! And when you watched their fans you knew the memories this song took them to a place in time that was truly grand!

    The end of the concert was kind of cool because REO Speedwagon did something different by singing the Beatles! Yep, you read it right, and sang it very well too. They also sang the song “G.L.O.R.I.A.”, which is a rock-n-roll staple, and a part of many rock bands' repertoires that was originally sang by Van Morrison in 1964. REO Speedwagon loved the song because it was a good-ole, fun to sing Chicago song that took them back to their Chicago days, which is also where the singer Cronin is from.

    By Judy Worley

    Additional Information:

    The Music Lives On In Our Hearts And Souls: On their website, Cronin and the band remember Gary Richrath, (who passed away last August), David Bowie, and Glenn Frey,  which you can read here. These exceptional artist's will forever remain in our hearts and souls, and we send our blessings to their families. You can also discover upcoming tour dates and more details on the band on their website as well.

    To discover upcoming events at the Four Winds Casino’s and Silver Creek Event Center visit their website


    Photo Credits: Judy Worley and Four Winds Casino