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    Pick Your Adventure In Traverse City, Michigan

    The first time my husband, Leroy, took me to Michigan we went Mushroom Hunting in the Boyne City area. It was Fall. The leaves spread across the state like a colorful blanket and the crisp scent of harvest season filled the air. Raised in California, I spent many summers along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Until I visited Michigan I never realized how vast a lake could be; Lake Michigan is amazing, and offers many of the same opportunities for outdoor recreation as I enjoyed in California. And, the best part is there are no Jellyfish to sting you while you swim or wind surf!

    When we traveled throughout the Traverse City area I enjoyed the old time charm of the towns and cozy feeling of being home. It seemed like just standing along the shore was a trip back to a simpler time; when a family spent the summer enjoying family cook-outs and laughter on the beach. Maybe time remains still here? Maybe there is still a place where you can step back in time when we did not have a cell phone ringing or business call to make at the last minute? Maybe it is the local folk in Traverse City, who have captured time in a bottle, and we're just lucky enough to wander into their piece of private paradise? Whatever it is I find a visit to Traverse City offers tranquil moments of relaxation as well as thrilling adventures around every bend.

    As an artist I enjoy the chance to mingle with over 4,000 young musicians, artists, dancers, writers and actors who gather at the Interlochen Center for the Arts to study, practice and perform at this magical retreat among the pines. Part summer camp, part boarding school, part concert hall, the Interlochen Center for the Arts is also a wonderful place to enjoy some of the world's most talented performers in an idyllic setting of woods, water and wonder. The season does not end when fall rolls around. In fact it is a highlight of the year for the Interlochen Arts Academy, whose 455 students and 81 faculty members produce over 250 concerts, plays and exhibitions of their own. Despite its secluded forest setting 20 minutes from downtown Traverse City Interlochen is a magnet for lovers of music, drama and dance.

    Did You Know? - You could meet the next Jewel, Josh Groban or Nora Jones, who all attended the camp at Interlochen Center for the Arts!

    Whenever you choose to travel to Traverse City, Michigan you're certain to find something exciting going on. From festive events to exciting attractions, Traverse City is a great year-round destination!

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    Traverse City also host many other festive, and there are plenty of outdoor recreation options. To learn about all the options and affordable packages available visit