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Discover Baltimore's Diverse Attractions On your Next Vacation

Maryland's attractions vary from the state's historic capital, Annapolis, to its largest city, Baltimore, from waterfront villages and mill towns to the gently rolling hills of horse country and the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, which makes it a great vacation destination.

Baltimore is one of the most important cities on the East Coast. The original town of Baltimore was founded in 1729, although it was not incorporated until 1796. Baltimore was named to honor the title of Maryland's founding family, the six Lords Baltimore. In 1768 when it became the Baltimore County seat it was a tiny village of 200 homes. The city later grew into an important shipbuilding center, where merchants prospered and the city's port flourished. Baltimore was the third largest city in the nation by 1860 and today is the 13th largest. It is one of only two independent cities in the United States. With a world port, government offices, significant medical and educational institutions, and major tourist attractions, Baltimore is one of the most important cities on the East Coast.

Located at the world famous Camden Yards and a short walk from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland; Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is one of the city's must see attractions the whole family will enjoy. Anyone who has ever read a comic book will appreciate visiting the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, located on the 2nd floor of Camden Station above Sports Legends at Camden Yards. There are those who thought comics were a waste of time. Children should read books, not comics. This unique museum is dedicated to the proposition that comic characters have played a hugely successful role in the entertainment and education of children.

"It’s the spirited, inventive and adventurous kind of learned that captures your mind as a child and stays with you through the rest of your life. This is the same type of education we’re promoting through an initiative in Maryland designed to get comics in the hands of school children," said Stephen A. Geppi, President and Chief Executive Officer

After starting Geppi’s Comic World in 1974, Steve Geppi launched Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest distributor of English language comic books in the world. On a visit to the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum you’ll discover that the history of popular culture is so tightly woven into the social fabric of the United States of America that it parallels and reinforces mainstream history.

Did you know? - Baltimore is home to the oldest music school in the United States. For many years Baltimore also has been a center of art, music, literature and culture. It is home to the oldest music school in the United States, the Peabody Conservatory of Music, as well as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Baltimore Opera.

At the Walters Art Gallery, rooms that remind you of an ancient castle with suits of armor for men and horses, an eight-story tapestry, Egyptian mummies, and much more can be seen. Paintings by Picasso and Cezanne are among the many works of art at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The museum also has a modern art collection, as well as art from Africa, Oceania and Asia.

Among Baltimore's literary landmarks is a house lived in by Edgar Allan Poe, who died in Baltimore in 1849. He is buried in Westminster Cemetery, where a monument to him was erected with money collected by Baltimore teachers and schoolchildren in 1875.

By Melody Schubert

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