Go Hiking, Fishing, And Crabbing In Southwest Louisiana

    Fishing, hiking, crabbing, swimming, beach combing and bird watching fill a day spent along Louisiana's Gulf Coast's most remote corners. Did you know that every year, bank fishermen on the Cameron Parish beaches land some of the largest redfish caught in Louisiana? With no closed season, beach anglers throw live or cut mullets for redfish that sometimes break the 50-pound mark. Sit back and relax and you might find yourself catching pompano, Spanish mackerel or several other gulf species without a boat. There is a catch; anglers must buy a Louisiana basic fishing license and a license. To learn more call 888-765-2602 for more information on licensing and limits before you visit.

    Discover find unspoiled natural beauty punctuated occasionally by fishing camps and quaint Cajun villages. To the south, public sandy beaches merge into the gulf. To the north, seemingly endless marshes kiss the horizon. fish in the channel and at the jetties marking the channel mouth to the south. For a mile, rocks jut into the Gulf of Mexico. A boat launch at the head of the jetties offers access to the gulf and to the channel.

    People Many anglers without boats hike along the rocks to fish for large speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead, drum, flounder and many other species. North of the jetties, a short distance from the new recreational vehicle park, anglers can fish the 40-foot deep waters for black drum, redfish, speckled trout and croakers from the public pier jutting into the ship channel.

    From the pier or along the beaches, bayous and channels, sportsmen toss lines or drop nets for crabs. With crab nets, or a piece of meat on a string and a scoop net, people fill a chest with succulent crabs ready for a delicious boil. During the season, try catching fresh shrimp in cast nets to add to the simmering concoction.

    Slip away from your busy life to Louisiana where you can go fishing and crabbing, bird watching or take a dip, and relax along the shore. Take a little hike and discover all Cameron Parish in one of the most beautiful unspoiled environments in North America. If you want to avoid fighting crowds to relax in peace at local beaches or share in the bounty of nature, Cameron Parish welcomes you.

    By Leroy Worley

    Getting There:

    For more information, contact the Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau, at (337) 436-9588 or (800) 456-SWLA, or visit www.visitlakecharles.org.