New Orleans Offers Historic Charm And Fun For Everyone

    New Orleans has been the "jewel" of the South for centuries. The unique blend of African and European cultures makes it one of the most unique places on the face of the earth. The food and music of New Orleans are among the only original cultures of the United States. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city not long ago, New Orleans was once again in the spotlight although for decades it has been one of the most traveled tourist destinations in the world.

    The French Quarter is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States and many parts of it have the original 16 th century architecture that makes New Orleans famous. When in the French Quarter make sure that you see the historic St. Louis Cathedral as it reigns majestically over the beautiful chaos of the streets. New Orleans also contains the oldest African-American neighborhood in the United States, It is called Treme and sits on the edge of the French Quarter.

    Mardi Gras is a wonderful time to experience New Orleans although there is a party buzzing everyday of the year. The legendary Jazz and Heritage Festival that occurs in the spring brings people from all over the world to hear authentic music from native artists and to sample the world famous local food dishes.

    New Orleans is wonderful for families as well to visit because of the Aquarium of the Americas and the Historic Audubon Zoo. The employees of the plush hotels and the friendly native people of the city love to talk especially about New Orleans so be prepared as most conversations will be history lessons reaffirming your decision to visit the legendary New Orleans.

    By Zarian Phipps

    Getting There:

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