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    Looking For One Of America's Haunted Places? Visit Waverly Hills Sanatorium!

    Traveling to Kentucky soon, then if you enjoy Ghost Hunting and Haunted Places, check out the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville. This Sanatorium is one of the scariest place on earth that I have been to, and is amoung the haunted destinations featured in Terrance Zepke's new book, A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to The Most Haunted Places in America. It is here that patients with Tuberculosis were cared for, and when the epidemic was overwhelming, the deacesed were carted down a long underground tunnel beneath this massive dark structure for burial.

    The Waverly Hills Sanatorium leaves a lasting impression on your senses when you think of the "More than ten thousand people suffered their last breaths," from the White Plague, now called Tuberculosis. As my girlfriend and I were on the way to the sanatorium we were listening to the local radio station. Of course what should comes on as I first see the creepy cast iron gates; ''Don't Fear The Reaper'' by Blue Ouster Cult.

    Later, as we sit waiting to enter the gate the imposing size of the building is astonishing. To know I will be entering this massive structure makes the back of my neck tingly, like my hairs are on end.

    All I see are the corners and top floors of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium as we slowly enter the gates and follow the long dark foggy road in front of us. Once inside, my girlfriend and I park in the back of the building with the others. You can automatically hear the blood curdling screams before you even get to the front of the building. It is here I met a new friend, a young creature dressed in a black with a filthy robe, and a crimson red skull face.

    What my girlfriend doesn't know is he has crept up behind her and has been standing behind her for a good minute. He finally grabs her shoulder, and thinking it is me, she smiles and slowly turns around. The moment she comes face to face with the bloody skull face she screams so loud my ear drums almost burst, startling everyone around us. She then whips about and says ''you jerk'' in so many words.

    After getting our tickets and standing in line for awhile the old doors ahead whine in protest as they are finally shoved opened. I can feel the tension in the air as we embark on our frightening journey. The front doors are peeling a flesh colored paint that seems to say this is just the beginning. As they open all you see is a black abyss of what looks like a room. Then you step in, and your eyes adjust to the holographic pictures of decaying horrified people.

    Our guide, a ghoulish nurse, then lets the doors close with a terrorizing crash like glass breaking. The gruesome ghoulish nurse leads us through more fog to behold a empty hallway, or so I thought.

    As soon as we enter half way through the hall we could hear a loud revving up sound down the corridor. Its so hard to tell what the noise is until I think harder. Then as soon as I realize what it is, a huge man with a chain saw, which squirts a vicious red stream of something all over my face.

    I stand calm as can be, dripping with this sticky substance on my face, and my girlfriend uses me as a shield against this frightening creature. She soon pushes me on accident ''I think'' against the chainsaw. But without a blade it just feels very clammy and sickening. The creature jumped back, realizing he hit me, and turned the chainsaw off. To my surprise he checks my arm quickly for injury before disappearing in the darkest shadows.

    I don’t scare easy, yet there was a moment when I actually was scared while we were at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. We were walking down a dark hallway, and all of a sudden a guy popped around a corner and slammed right into me. Startled, we both fell to the floor. Still unnerved, he laughed as did I and we helped each other up. One of the best parts of our trip to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was scaring my girlfriend with the help of the workers, who seemed shocked I remained so calm throughout our tour.

    By Josh Schubert

    Getting There:

    The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located at 4400 Paralee Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. To learn more about upcoming events and hauntings at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium by visiting www.therealwaverlyhills.com