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True Dungeon Adventures Await At Gen Con


Exciting news for those who enjoy True Dungeon. Upcoming events will take players into immersive “pre-game” Underdark experience, where you’ll make a 200 foot journey to the back of the hall. This walk-through entertainment will immerse the you in a dark expedition through caverns filled with giant mushrooms, towering crystals, lava flows and shimmering pools. On the other side you’ll arrive in a large cavern, transported to the entrance of your event. True Dungeon will boast two consecutive adventures, which will conclude the final year of their current three-year story arc.

In Part One: “Into the Underdark” you face subterranean horrors, as well as challenging team puzzles. Give chase to a drow assassin that holds the key to finding the missing dwarves of Icecrag Keep.

Part Two: “The Sable Gauntlet” take you on a plunge into a deadly maze filled with terrifying monsters and perplexing puzzles. If your characters survive, you’ll win freedom for yourselves as well as for the missing dwarves.

When you visit True Dragon there are two slightly different versions to the adventures; one is puzzle-oriented, and the other more combat-focused. So, this means you can experience FOUR different adventures!

Getting There:

To order your badges, check the schedules, and register for events go to the Gen Con website at http://www.gencon.com/.

To find out more details on True Dungeon visit there website at http://truedungeon.com/, and check out the videos available here.