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    Weatherproof Your Winter With Adult Activities In The Windy City

    Among the top three weatherproof winter activities for adults to enjoy are: Arts n Spirits; an event that let's you Uncork Your Creativity. The BYOB venue encourages clients over the age of 21 to bring along their favorite wine or beer to enjoy throughout the evening while being creative. Owners Jessica Hess and Vik Chokshi strive to provide an easy and fun way for individuals to create great pieces of art in a very relaxed group setting meant to open up one’s creative side. The Painting events range include canvases, easels, brushes, paint and aprons. Private events, and parties-to-go also include all materials. Arts n Spirits is a fun way to enjoy a night out or Girl Friends Getaway.

    Another choice is to Host a Party For Humanity. This is an opportunity to invite friends and family to join in-home wine tastings that entertain and educate the hosts and guests on the joy of fine wines. Hosted by the Chicago-based company; Wines For Humanity, who reveal how to taste wine, how to pair wine with food, and how wine can be an integral part of a meaningful life- all while learning about and sampling seven fine wine selections. The great things is that a portion of each wine goes directly to local charities that work for the prevention of homelessness in families with children.

    As you'll learn while visiting Chicago; games are not just fun for children. Regardless of what neighborhood you're visiting or live in you can find an organized trivia game that includes outrageous drink deals almost every night of the week. On Tuesday nights Sheffield’s, located at 3258 N. Sheffield, host a gaming event, which includes prizes like a $500 gift card to the Lakeview bar and eatery. On Thursdays at Casey Moran’s, located at 3660 N. Clark St., gamer's enjoy the fun, and take advantage of special prices on domestic bottles and bombs.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There

    To learn about upcoming Arts n Spirits visit, and for planning a Wines For Humanity event visit  Or discover more adult activities, attractions, events, and recreation to enjoy visit