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    Celebrate the Age of the Renaissance at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

    The Bristol Renaissance Faire is a re-creation of 16th century life in Renaissance England, when Queen Elizabeth visited the port city of Bristol. The Faire, which kicks off in early July is staged on 30-acres of beautiful wooded settings and offers foods, drinks, rides, theater, music, entertainment and shops from the bygone Renaissance era. A day at the Faire includes some grand adventures, enchanting entertainment, wonderful shopping and hours of fun for the entire family.

    The Bristol Renaissance Faire is celebrating all things nautical and seafaring as the Dreadnought, a 100-foot replica Elizabethan private ring ship that has been in development for the past three years, makes its debut. Anchored at the south end of Lake Elizabeth on the Faire grounds, The Dreadnought is a fitting addition to the mystical Elizabethan world of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. This Sea Dog will transport Faire patrons to the Queen’s world, where they will be able to see everything form cannon and crates to barrels, rope rigging and weapons. This is an adventure that is as realistic as possible; it even has the smells of that time too.

    The Faire also has a Queen’s parade to take you back to that era as you watch the authentic costumed figures of the Renaissance Era stroll past you. You will see swordsmen, knights, royalty, strolling minstrels along with many other. This year there will be a costume contest for visitors who want to join in on the fun.

    As you enjoy the fun you can also enjoy the delicious Queen’s food they have. For those who have an appetite for some really great food will also have yards of ale and beer to wash it down.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There

    Learn more about the festivities at Bristol Renaissance Faire by visiting: