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Outdoor Adventures In Idaho With Warren River Expeditions

Travelers visiting Idaho's majestic landscape find Historic sites and Cultural events to explore. Idaho is a haven for those who love the outdoors. From Hell's Canyon and Heaven's Gate, to thousands of natural springs, rapid white waters, and a city of rocks; you'll find adventure around every bend in Idaho. Our journey through Idaho took us through stunning landscapes and along crystal clear lakes. We discovered paradise, and continued our search for the wild side of Idaho, and then our adventure along Idaho's Main Salmon and Middle Fork of the Salmon river began.

With Warren River Expeditions, Inc. we have the choice of 5, 6, and 10 day white water rafting trips on Idaho's Main Salmon and Middle Fork of the Main Salmon rivers. It's said that both of these rivers are arguably two of the finest white water experiences in the world. We found out there's nothing like the rush of heading down the river and finding ancient rock drawings around the bend. To imagine we traveled along the same path as Lewis & Clark adds a special touch to the experience.

In addition to Warren River Expeditions, Inc. standard river trips they also offer specialty trips like Seniors only lodge stay trips, family rafting trips, Intergenerational trips, fly fishing trips, kayak workshops, and popular women's only trips. The best part of the trip is the "Great food, Great friends, and Great fun" we enjoyed with our fellow rafters. The guides also kept us entertained with the historical background of the area, and pointed natural sites along the way.

Pack your palate and water colors for a trip to Idaho to join Professional artist, Erica Craig, and other aspiring painters in the wilderness. While a snapshot is a memorable token of a vacation, imagine bringing home a painting that captures the scenic beauty of Idaho. Erica helps inspire artists to do just this on wilderness river trips on the Main Salmon River in Idaho. The six day, 80 mile trip takes artist to scenic locations and sandy beaches where "You capture things with watercolors that you just can't capture on film," said Erica.

Idaho's name is thanks to George M. Willing, who urged congress to adopt the name, which he said meant the "gem of the mountains." Those who love the outdoors would agree. Idaho's landscape is filled with breathing-taking rivers, perfect for white water rafting, and lakes set within lush woodlands. Travel on the path Lewis & Clark trekked or take off on your own adventure. Wherever you go in Idaho it's sure to be a memorable trip.

By Leroy Worley

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