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Soak Up The Sun In Hawaii On A Tropical Ocean Fun Cruise With Paradise Cruises

A trampoline in the Ocean? How about snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and an all you can eat freshly grilled lunch? Tropical Ocean Fun Cruises has that and much more. The Cruise ship takes you out into ocean with crystal clear water and marine life at rainbow reef to start off your fun filled day. As you cruise along to rainbow reef seeing the scenic views of the shoreline, Diamond Head and Waikiki from the ship are very beautiful. The cruise is really fun and great for families to enjoy spending quality time together. 

A trampoline in an ocean is something you don’t see often, but being able to play on one is a lot of fun. The trampoline provided by Tropical Ocean Fun Cruises is large enough for 4 to 6 people to play and jump on at a time. There are two ways you can go out from the ship. You can go down on a giant waterslide and slide right off the back of the Cruise ship into the ocean or you can go down to the lower deck and jump off the back. “Oh yea, don’t forget the lifejacket and flippers, makes it easier”.

If your done jumping and playing around on the trampoline, and you want to relax and watch, you can sit on the side or you can slide off the mini slide into the crystal clear ocean water and swim over to the smaller tube. The smaller tube 2 to 4 adults can lie out and get some sun. I thought it was really cool that I got to go out and play and jump around in the ocean, go snorkeling then relax and get some warming sunrays with a absolutely gorgeous view of Diamond Head and Waikiki.

The Cruise also has Snorkeling for your enjoyment. They provide the snorkeling gear for you, so you don’t have to worry about having your own. You also have one member of the crew who are all US Coast Guard Merchant Masters licensed going out with the Snorkeling group. I liked that they give you instructions on how to snorkel along with safety tips before you go out.

I found it to be totally awesome Snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii. It is an adventurous and exciting experience. I loved it! The Pacific Ocean’s water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. While snorkeling you see ocean life as you never seen before. The abundance of ocean life you see in their natural habitat is really cool. You will see anything from Sea Turtles, (which our group got to see one up close) to all varieties of really colorful fish, dolphins, starfish and spectacular colorful coral reefs. The ocean floor also has area’s that have ravines and caves that I never knew existed. That was really neat. Just remember; always stay with your instructor for your own safety.

For those of us who like to fish, can go fishing from the front of the ship. Staff member and instructor Woody was a huge help. He had the entire dos and don’ts of fishing in the ocean. I was to busy playing in the water but those fishing were having a lot of fun. I saw a few people catch some fish with an average of about 2 lbs., was really cool!

Kayaking is also offered as part of this package. You can get in a kayak and paddle around in the ocean and enjoy the spectacular view of the shoreline of Waikiki and Diamond Head. The Crewmembers will explain the distances you are allowed and all the safety tips so you will enjoy your kayak adventure.

Did someone mention freshly grilled lunch? Yes, that’s right, they have a large grill aboard the ship and they have some of the best-grilled hamburgers I have ever had along with having really good grilled hotdogs too. It is really great for the cruise-goers who build up their appetite. There is fresh seasonal fruit that is really good. YUM! There is also a great creamy pasta salad and baked beans that are really awesome too. They also have other fixings that are really good and refreshing. The soft drinks, coffee & tea are all you can drink too. It is all really, really good and filling. The best was the brownies they handed out on the way back to the docks. They were soft and had some very tasty chocolate icing!

I want to say a big “Thank You” to Captain Vern Hinkley and his crew for being excellent host and for making sure the entire guest had excellent instructions and we all stayed safe. Great job!

By Judy Worley

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