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Hawaii's Best Beaches For Surfing And Families

Surfers and romantics are drawn to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Once you experience the surf and sand you'll find yourself returning again and again. With such a lush landscape you may be wondering which beaches are best for surfing and which beach is best for a family outing. Let's explore Hawaii and find out!

On the Big Island you'll find the Kahaluu Beach Park, which is a great place to get your feet wet as a beginning surfers. Lessons are offerd beyond the lagoon and it's a popular beach with families. The seawall here was constructed by King Kamehameha to protect a small cove and the beach is surrounded by shade trees. When the surf lessons are done for the day head over to the lagoon for an afternoon of snorkeling where there are green turtles and abundant sea life awaiting discovery in the water and tide pools.

If you're a pro at surfing then Oahu's North Shore should be on the top of you're list of places to surf. The North Shore is known for some of the best waves of the world. The "Seven-Mile Miracle" is actually comprised of several beaches: The Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Backdoor and Waimea Bay. And, if you're around in December you can catch professional surfers completing in the Triple Crown of Surfing. In fact, the winter season is the best time to catch the biggest wave that can reach up to 20 feet, with faces up to 50 feet. These massive waves break over a sharp reef, which means if you're not an expert - Beware!

As for swimming, Lanikai Beach is one of the best according to Oahu's residents. This beach is surf-free, wide and clean. This scenic mile-long beach has turquoise waters and is dotted with palm trees and small offshore islands. The most popular islands, Mokumanu and Mokulua are both bird sanctuaries, and are approximately one mile from the beach by kayak.

On Oahu you can mingle with the locals at Waimanalo Beach. This is often deserted during the week, but when the weekend rolls around locals gather for barbeques, picnics and fun. Waimanalo Beach has over five miles of sand, and there's lots of room to spread out and enjoy the shaded beach. Another popular spot for families is Waikiki Beach on Oahu, which is known as the most famous in the world! With calm waters for swimming, families can enjoy fun in the sun, and afternoons of shop, exploring the sites, and then experience the thriving night scene at Waikiki's Beach Walk.

Did You Know? - Waimanalo Beach is where the first Japanese prisoner of war was captured during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II.

Kapalua Beach on Maui is touristy and trendy, and is popular with visitors because it is located near several high profile hotels. The beach has calm waters that are perfect for snorkeling and swimming. This beach is also ideal for families, and has lifeguards and public restrooms available.

By Leroy Worley

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