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    Fun For Everyone At The Medieval Times Dinner Show and Tournament

    A visit to Central Florida offers plenty of fun, and one activity not to miss is the amazing Medieval Times Dinner Show and Tournament. We've heard this was one of Orlando’s great dinner attractions, but we had no idea how entertaining it would be. We had a blast!

    The impressive castle where the dinner tournaments take place stands at the corner of 4510 W Vine St in Kissimmee, Florida. Arrive early so you have time to explore the village - this is a must because you'll find rare artifacts. Take your time because the village is closed after the show, and there's so much to see. They have a wonderful staff on hand to answer your questions about the artifacts too. Plus, there's a chilling Torture Chamber with all kinds of instruments used in the middle ages.

    As it grew closer to the show time, we gathered in the great hall with other guests. It is here you can order drinks, and find plenty of items to purchase. From a unique Fairy Journal I brought and goblets, to pretty garlands for a princess to swords, and dragons - there's a lot of merchandise. When they prepare to call you to your seats you'll hear the color of your section - we were in the blue section. We were all anticipating the coming tournament, and they started calling those who purchased special packages. Once we were seated I thought it was cool that the King and Princess announced the names of those with birthdays and celebrating other life events like graduation. And, there were a lot of graduates ready to cheer on their favorite Knights!

    When the waiter's and waitresses came out, they introduced themselves, and reminded us that this was a Medieval Dinner, which meant no utensils. Of course, we're in the middle ages - it just made since to use our hands. The four course meal is served during the shows, and was very good - from the tender chicker to tasty garlic bread, everything was well-prepared. They also have vegitarian menu items, and, you can order drinks during the show as well.

    As the knights begin competing you loose track of time because you're wrapped up in the show. We were yelling and cheering on our knight as he fought his opponents. Other's were less fortunate, and defeated, Then, there were the beautiful horses, who are stunning. It was all so exciting and often loud as we all cheered, especially with all the graduates. What was even better was that our knight won!

    We all had such a amazing time and will defiantly return again on our next visit to Florida!!

    Plan Your Visit To The Medieval Times Dinner Show and Tournament

    If you're planning on visiting the Orlando area be sure to book reservations for the Medieval Times Dinner Show and Tournament. It was one of the most memorable dinners we enjoyed while in Florida. Oh, and they have other locations, so check the Medieval Times website for locations and current specials and deals availabe. Or, call 1-866-935-6878 for reservations.

    Photo Credits: MS