USA Faces Off Against Costa Rica For The America's Polo Cup

    The America's Polo Cup is the world's most prestigious and largest International televised charity polo sporting event; it provides a unique experience for both loyal fans of polo and those discovering the world's oldest sport for the first time. Previously, the America's Polo Cup hosted its official Kick off preview on the DC National Mall with its opening ceremonies of numerous military fly overs throughout the day including three F-18s flying by the Washington Monument over the polo fields.

    The weekend is filled with Live Concerts, polo, fashion, wine, beer, music, Military exhibitions, family fun and a spectacular fireworks show that rivals the 4th of July in Washington D.C. Many events will give proceeds to not for profit public charities, which is good for everyone.

    Each year, the America's Cup perpetual trophy is transferred to the challenging country's Embassy to be proudly displayed for the upcoming year. The America's Cup has enough room on its base for 200 years of Champions to be displayed on this impressive Cup.

    Coming up, the USA faces off against Costa Rica for the Cup. Included over the event will be national and international festivities that showcase elements dear to both nations, including travel opportunities, tourism, lifestyles, community and International good will, sportsmanship, music, beverages and cuisine from the challenging country and honors the patriotic enthusiasm celebrating adventure and freedom.

    By Leroy Worley

    Getting There:

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