Enjoy Entertaining Performances At The Garde Arts Center

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Enjoy Entertaining Performances At The Garde Arts Center

Leave the everyday world outside and be entertained at the Garde Arts Center, where performances like Tape Face awaken our inner child. The Age called it a astonishingly innovative comedy, in which Tape Face transcends the barriers of language and culture.

The Garde Arts Center is located in the heart of downtown New London, and offers many entertaining performances throughout the year. From family fun shows that include the world's youngest professional Magician and Illusionist you may recall from America’s Got Talent, plus the Magic & Ventriloquism of Bart Rockett.

This performing arts center is also home to one of the few remaining historic movie palaces in Connecticut. It is amazing to think that the Garde Theatre was built in 1926, which was the golden era of the motion pictures and vaudeville. The interior spaces have been lovingly restored, along with the expanded lobbies and function spaces that provide an impressive atmosphere for audiences to enjoy a wide variety of cinematic and theatrical performances. Among the favorites are the Winter Cinema that features such films as The Big Sick, Lady Bird, Get Out, and Dunkirk.

Join Performances and Events At The Garde Arts Center

Serving Southeastern Connecticut, the Garde Arts Center is nationally recognized for its unique architecture and multi-faceted programming. To learn about current and upcoming events and performances visit the Garde Arts Center website.

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