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    Sample A Taste Of Homebrews In Colorado

    The Rocky Mountains offer guests more than a vivid portrait of the pristine wilderness. Visitors can also find an abundance of free and entertaining tours and attractions that provide the perfect side trip for an active vacation day. Whether you enjoy the free wine or beer tasting, toffee testing or choosing your own toy dinosaur after touring an ancient fossil site there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

    Each year the American Homebrewers Association holds it’s annual National Homebrew Competition. It has become the world's largest beer competition with over 4,443 homemade beers from 1,058 of the finest homebrewers. Brewers come from 46 states and three countries to display a record number of brews in 29 style categories. The first National Homebrew Competition took place in 1979 in Boulder, Colorado when only 34 varieties of beers were judge. Since then the competition has evaluated as many as 49,674 different brews from Canada, Japan and United States over the past 26-years.

    Charlie Papazian, author of Complete Joy of Home Brewing and founder of the National Homebrew Competition and American Homebrewers Association proudly announced, “Homebrewing is alive and rocking.” The spectacular participation of homebrewers from around the world and particularly America is a reflection of their passion for homebrewing.

    Competition is fierce. Seven hundred and forty-three beers advanced to the second round of the competition held at the 2004AHA 26th Annual National Homebrewers Conference in Las Vegas. Homebrewers compete for gold, silver or bronze medals to be given during the Awards Ceremony and attend the Grand Banquet Dinner at the close of the conference. Homebrewer of the Year is awarded to the entrant with the Best-of-Show brew. Homebrew Club’s that earns the most combined points from its members throughout the year also receive an award of the Year at the ceremony.

    The sweet taste of success. Through clubs and competitions homebrewers meet and form a growing community brewers who keep the spark of the craft alive. The Association of Brewers based in Boulder, Colorado is a non-profit organization that continues to provide educational and trade association for small and craft brewers. Their mission is to make quality beer and brewing knowledge accessible to everyone.

    Quench your thirst. Sample some of the finest brews or learn the art of crafting your own while in Denver and along the Front Range at one of the numerous brewpubs that offer tours. If you prefer a fresh cup of tea to fine ales visit Boulder's Celestial Seasonings tea company for free sampling of the famous drink at the end of your tour.

    By Nick Worley

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