Join Activities and Programs At Turtle Creek Nature Center

    Located at the base of the San Joaquin Hills, the Turtle Creek Nature Center is home of many species of birds and wildlife, and is like an outdoor classroom. When seeking an day outdoors for your group of family and friends, the Turtle Creek Nature Center offers many activities and programs to join. These guided or supervised programs are often Free of charge, and are the perfect way to learn more about nature while enjoying California's great outdoors.

    The Turtle Creek Nature Center offers many special programs like, Kids and Nature. This nine month enrichment program teaches kindergartner's to observe the natural world around them with a compassionate eye. And, they also discover how they can have a positive impact on our environment. Among the activities and topics children learn about and participate in are: Pet Animals, Local Wildlife, Protecting the Earth and Environments Around the World.

    The Turtle Rock Nature Center also offer Badge Programs that help children fulfill their requirements to earn specific badges for their troop, which you can learn more about by calling Jessica Kobal at (949)724-6738 or e-mail for more information.

    On your visit explore the Nature Trail that winds through the nature preserve. While traveling along this paved trail you'll spot native Southern Californian habitats, including Riparian, Desert, and Woodlands. Bring along your camera to catch the frequent visit from wildlife that include local birds, and lizards basking in the sun. And, maybe, you'll catch one of the rabbits before they dart out in the desert brush.

    Later, explore the Native Plant Garden that was designed and completed by Eagle Scout Nathaniel Pinckney. This is a great place to discover the native plants that grow in Orange County, and learn how important these local plant species are, as well as some tips on growing native planets in your garden.

    Another stop on your visit can be a visit to the labryrinth that represents a indivduals passage through time and experience. Think of life as a journey as you travel through this labryrinth that was designed and completed by Eagle Scout Michael Nakahara, Troop 606.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    For current events and programs available visit the Turtle Creek Nature Center website.

    Photo Credits: MS