Tucson Dragway Keeps Race Fans Pumped With A Exciting Schedule

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Tucson Dragway Welcomes Back The Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags

Tucson Dragway knows what races fans want, a great schedule with heart-pumping races, and lots of them, and they have us covered with a exciting season of racing. We can look forward to unique and diverse schedule for the year ahead that includes a variety of Events like No Prep Races, Bracket Races, Full Radial Prep Races and the Summit Series Team Races!

Tucson Dragway remains committed to providing their community a place to race and enjoy great shows, and we can look forward to the Tucson Dragway Reunion, Fall Fuel Extravaganza, The Super Chevy Show and Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags!

For races fans and drivers alike, Tucson Dragway is proud to host great Drag Racing Schools like Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School and The Pure Speed Drag Racing Experience.

The crew and staff work hard each season to present a great line up and will welcome Street Outlaw Boddie's 1/8th Mile No Time Racing Association, Mike Murrilo's Big Bracket Race and The DigNight Street Style Race to the track. Tucson Dragway is happy to host the Plus, the will also present the Southwest Showdown, a big bucks bracket race that is put on by Chris Forsyth of West Coast Bracket Races.

Check Out The Schedule At Tucson Dragway

For upcoming race schedules, events, racing news, and more to experience at Tucson Dragway visit their website.

By Melody Schubert

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