Experience Ghostly Encounters In Bisbee - One Of The Most Haunted Towns In Southern Arizona

    When we think of Halloween we often picture creepy old mansion or run-down houses. Not this year, let's head West to a place where headless ghosts roam free, abandoned prisons remain almost untouched and ghost towns are alive with spirits. For a truly terrifying and frighteningly fun Halloween, come to Arizona where its "Wild West" history has made it a hotbed for ghostly activity.

    Among the towns on the list to visit is Bisbee, thought to be one of the most haunted towns in southern Arizona. Founded in the late 1800's as a mining town, Bisbee has seen its share of mining accidents, barroom brawling gone bad, and tragedy in general. This has resulted in a cornucopia of hauntings, sightings, and other paranormal activity.

    Who knows what kind of unexpected visitor you might find just hanging around in this Haunted Town. The best way to find out is on a walking tour. In 90-minutes your guide on the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour will share stories of local haunts, including Nat the miner who owed money and paid with his life. Then there's the lady in white, who saved three children's lives.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    Learn more about this haunting tour by visiting www.oldbisbeeghosttour.com.

    To discover attractions, upcoming events, and getaway ideas visit Discover Bisbee at  http://www.discoverbisbee.com/index.htm.