The Alaska Wilderness Guide Includes Detailed Information On Adventurous Trips, Towns, And Nature and Wildlife To help Plan Your Alaskan Vacation

    If you’ve ever considered taking a trip to Alaska there’s one guide you need to check out first; The Alaska Wilderness Guide. We’ve dreamed of an Alaskan Vacation for years. The only problem was we were uncertain what to expect while visiting Alaska’s great Wilderness until we received The Alaska Wilderness Guide. When you receive this guide you’ll be surprised by its size. It’s huge and packed with interesting details on everything one could think of and so much more we didn’t when it comes to planning a visit to Alaska.

    In The Alaska Wilderness Guide, which is updated annually, you’ll discover the best places to go camping, where to cast your line, hiking destinations, plus guides to kayaking and river rafting in Alaska’s backcountry. The details in the guide give insight into what you can expect on your trip whether you’re looking for adventure or want to learn more about Alaska’s Native American Heritage. For those who love the outdoors there are detailed descriptions of 85 navigable rivers, and 100 parks, refuges, wilderness areas.

    With all the information available in The Alaska Wilderness Guide you will find it easy to plan your vacation. The hardest part will be deciding where to once realize how much there is to do in Alaska. The guide includes suggestions for everyone to enjoy, including:

    Exploring Nature: Hiking, Berry picking, Wildflower and Wildlife viewing, Bird watching, Flightseeing, Whale watching, Hot springs soaking, or visit Native and bush villages.

    Adventurous Trips: Sea kayaking, river running, canoeing and kayaking, Mountain climbing, Snow machining Skiing or snowshoeing

    The Great Outdoors: Visiting the Arctic Circle, Walking on glaciers Camping, or staying at a U.S. Forest Service wilderness cabin, Saltwater sport fishing and Freshwater sport fishing.

    What is nice about The Alaska Wilderness Guide is that with the abundance of information on Alaska’s destination you can create your own adventure. Pick and choose what you like and tailor your trip to your skill level or to the ages and interests of the people in your group. This makes any trip much more enjoyable for everyone, especially when it comes to a memorable trip to Alaska.

    The famous MILEPOSTĀ® guide, The Alaska Wilderness includes special features on attractions ranging from lighthouses to glaciers covers. Also in the guide are personal essays from people who have explored Alaska’s natural beauty. Whether it’s your first visit or you are returning to Alaska, The Alaska Wilderness Guide is a impressive and entertaining guide that will help you get the most out of your trip.

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

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