Photo Tips For Visiting The National Historic Landmark Cape Krusenstern National Monument Near Kotzebue, Alaska

    When checking out the National Park Foundation's annual ‘Top 10’ list of the very best photo experiences in America’s national parks and public lands we discovered Cape Krusenstern National Monument. This national monument is number eight, and is a remote, coastal plain dotted with sparkling lagoons and backed by gently rolling limestone hills. Nearly 5000 years of prehistory are represented on the 114 well-preserved beach ridges and some sites on the bluff behind the ridges may date as early as 9,000 years, older than many well-known remains of ancient Egyptian civilizations.

    The monument’s rich history, unusual geography and feeling of seclusion makes Cape Krusenstern National Monument a spectacular site for photographers to explore and experience. Whether you’re kayaking along the coast and through lagoons, thrilling your senses on a scenic flight, camping, or charting your own backcountry trek, the land is ready to experience for those willing and prepared to enter it.

    National Historic Landmark at Cape Krusenstern is a vast archeological district that encompasses marine beach ridges and the cultural remains of peoples who have inhabited the area for 5,000 or more years. An airplane ride away to the nearest town, which is Kotzebue, Alaska, Cape Krusenstern National Monument is not an ideal destination for inexperienced hikers or families with young children.

    Access and services within the monument are limited compared with other National Parks in Alaska. But for the skilled outdoor explorer, the rich history, magnificent scenery and untamed nature of this national monument allows you to experience genuine “Wild Alaska” on its own terms.

    FORD PHOTO TIP: One of the best ways to capture the vibrancy of a prehistoric landmark is to include people in the photographs. An image of a friend or spouse standing in the same place that their ancestors did more than 5000 years ago, will give the photo greater impact.

    Did You Know? - Local residents around Cape Krusenstern National Monument still hunt sea mammals such as beluga whales, which provide highly prized white muktuk.

    By James and AJ Grass

    Getting There:

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