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    Alaska is known as The Last Frontier, and became the 49th state in the nation in January of 1959. The state is the largest in the United States, and its rugged wilderness and wildlife attract many outdoors men and women, who seek to return to a land where nature remains wild. Alaska is also one of the best place to see the Northern Lights. And, its the state flag with its string of stars on the blue background, which was officially adopted in 1959, recognizes another heaven spectacle; the Big Dipper and the North Star. The design is the creation of a 13 year old Native American child. Native American's in Alaska continue to hunt, and celebrate their rich heritage and traditions, which you can experience along with all the states wonders when you visit.      

    Editor's Pick - See Wildlife And The Northern Lights At Denali National Park and Preserve Near Mt. McKinley While Hiking And Backcountry Camping

    Seemingly untouched by man, Denali National Park and Preserve astonishes visitors with its beauty that reminds one of a natural paradise. The Park is named for the 20,320-foot tall peak, Mt. McKinley, which is also known by the native Athabascan people as Denali, or the “High One.” During the fall many are drawn to Denali National Park to view the beautiful fall foliage as the gentle green palette of Denali forest bursts into bright yellows in the boreal forest and rich reds. Look to the skies above and you'll behold another amazing sight; the Aurora Borealis, or the “Northern Lights” that resemble dancing fluorescent ribbons illuminating the night sky. Denali National Park and Preserve - Full Story


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