Enjoy Bird Watching Along The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail And Scenic Coastal Connection

    Rich with a large diversity of native and migratory species, the coastal area is a haven for nature lovers. Bring along the camera and you'll capture some amazing shots of migratory birds heading across the Gulf of Mexico. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail is a series of five loops that meander over Baldwin and Mobile counties. Each loop offers natural beauty and wildlife to explore and can be enjoyed on a leisurely day trip or a extended weekend getaway.

    We enjoy watching the Humming Birds, and other wild birds feed in our backyard, and if you're visiting the Alabama's Gulf Coast in April or October you can join the Hummer/Bird Study Group for the annual bird banding event at Fort Morgan. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about wild birds. The Hummer/Bird Study Group is a group of dedicated volunteers who delicately capture, document, and release migrating neo-tropical birds during their layover on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. This is a unique chance to participate and see these birds before they begin their long journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

    While traveling along Alabama's Gulf Coast take a side trip, and explore the Scenic Coastal Connection that is over 130 mile long. Winding along Alabama's scenic and diverse coastal landscape you'll discover natural beauty as well as diverse attractions to enjoy.

    Alabama's Coastal Connection was recently honored as one of America's newest National Scenic Byway. "This designation is a great honor and is definitely validation for the folks who've been working on this project for years," said Byway Coordinator Colette Boehm. "We are all excited about the designation. It will be a great asset in getting the word out about the amazing resources and attractions we have along Alabama's Gulf Coast."

    By Melody Schubert

    Getting There:

    To learn more about the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail www.alabamacoastalbirdingtrail.com.

    To join the Hummer/Bird Study Group for the annual bird banding event at Fort Morgan visit www.hummingbirdsplus.org