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Catch The Spectacular Return Of Eagle In Alton

December, January, FebruaryCatch The Spectacular Return Of Eagle In Alton

Alton, Illinois is beautiful year-round, with plenty of festive events and activities to enjoy as well as recreation. Yet, it is in the winter – between late December through mid-February when the region is especially beautiful because this is the winter home to the eagles.

It a stunning sight for guests staying at the charming area inns and bed and breakfast, and all others who gather before dawn breaks on the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway – there are the eagles soaring over the Mississippi. During this season this region of Alton is all about eagles, and offers guided eagle watching tours and events each weekend and during the week.

Throughout the time of the eagles return there are many festive events, including the Audubon Eagle Festival in January. Festivities are held at the Audubon Center at Riverlands as well as in Downtown Alton. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the eagle watching season so bring your family and friends because there will be many eagle themed activities like an Ice Block Party, an eagle greet and meet and many more to join.

Did you know that eagles are normally between 34 inches to 45 inches long, which is about as tall as a 6 foot man. And, they prefer to soar rather than flap their wings. and this is why the gathering of eagles in Alton offers such a spectacular viewing opportunities along the Mississippi.

Plan Your Trip To Alton, Illinois

Of course, the best way to discover the endless opportunities for fun and recreation in the Alton area is to order a current copy of the Visitor’s Guide and Calendar of Events by calling the Alton Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau. They can also help you plan a trip designed around the activities and attractions as well!